Creative Ways To Keep Your Kids Moving This Summer

happy kids playing with bubbles

It’s essential for kids to keep moving! Providing stimulating physical activities helps children grow into healthy and active adults. However, it’s not always easy to find activities to engage children (especially if your kiddos are on the picky side, or tend to be a little low energy). Regardless of what your children like or are into, here are some creative ways to keep your kids moving this summer:

Beat the Heat With Water

Nothing is better than a splash of cold water on a hot summer day; a day at the pool keeps everybody active and cooled off. If you’re unable to visit the pool, don’t worry! There are plenty of at-home activities that utilize water, such as water balloon fights, slip-and-slides, or even an afternoon just running through the sprinklers.

Sign Up for an Activity

Keeping a structured schedule for activities helps your kids develop a routine. Many centers offer services and classes that will keep your kids moving this summer. Martial arts, tap dancing, and gymnastics are just some examples of classes where you can enroll your children.

No matter what path your child takes, be sure to get them the proper equipment. While this doesn’t mean you have to get the latest and greatest (especially if there’s something new your child is trying for the first time) it does help to research and make sure you’re setting your child up for success. For example, there’s much to learn about picking the perfect leotard before getting on the balance beam, and you want to figure out what makes a quality baseball bat before sending your kiddo to hitting practice.

Explore the Great Outdoors

The wonders of nature are all around us; don’t be afraid to explore the outdoors this summer. Hiking trails are always a good source of exercise, but few things beat a camping trip to really immerse yourself in nature. Camping provides ample opportunities for nature walks, foraging exercises, orientation courses, and learning valuable skills that will last a lifetime.

Explore the Great Indoors

Summer is synonymous with heat. Getting in tune with nature is great, but you might prefer to stay active somewhere with air-conditioning on scorching hot days. Consider taking your kids to the museum or aquarium on those days. These locations typically require a lot of walking, which will naturally keep your kids moving, but the interactive elements will create engagement. . . no one (including you!) will realize just how many steps you’ve taken!