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How To Make Your Bedroom A Haven

make your bedroom a safe haven

If there is one room that people want to be in the most, it’s the bedroom. This is the place you can relax and unwind, be still and rest, think about life and connect intimately with yourself, your partner, or your family members/roommates. A bedroom can be a safe space; however, there is definitely intention needed to make your bedroom a haven.

A lot of this comes from the décor—the furniture, the carpets and walls, the feel of the materials used in the space—these are all important things to consider! Your bedroom is for so much more than just sleeping. You can use this space to relax, slow down, or even work! That’s why it’s important to create a space that reflects your personality and makes you feel safe.

Here are some ideas:

1. Empty The Clutter

You can’t possibly get your bedroom looking the way that you want it to look if it’s covered in clutter. Start by getting rid of all of the furniture and pulling up the rugs and curtains—you need a clean slate! You don’t need to toss everything, of course, but it is a good idea to focus on minimalism where/when you can.

Starting new can give you a clear perspective and style. If you start with small changes and visualize the entire space as you go, you can begin to create something that feels more homey and special.

2. Spend Money In The Right Places

You can improve your home in many ways, but spending money in your bedroom is a must. You need to purchase comfortable and moisture-wicking sheets and linens, and you also have to invest in your mattress so that you can have a good night’s sleep.

Remember: quality is far more important than aesthetics! Investing in your bed is a good place to start. In order to make your bedroom into a haven it has to feel like one!

3. Create A Focal Point

Put something in the space that really draws the eye. Think about the use of color and materials in your bedroom! The wallpaper that you choose (you can see here for some ideas!) is going to have an impact on the room, and every room needs a focal point.

Usually, people choose the bed or another piece of furniture in the room to be the focal point but it doesn’t have to be. Your wallpaper can draw the eye right away when you walk in the door. It could even be the rugs or carpets you install! Either way, it’s a good idea to have something in the room that makes you walk in and think, “wow.” 

4. Add Some Natural Elements

The bedroom should be a peaceful sanctuary, and is there anything more peaceful than nature? When you add plants and other forms of foliage and greenery to the bedroom, you are adding color and life to the room that you can’t really capture with furniture and other décor. 

5. Choose Your Color Palette Intentionally

The colors that you use for your bedroom need to help you to feel calm. Whether it’s a pale green or a lilac with cornflower blue trim, your bedroom should look peaceful. To create a relaxing space, you have to think soothing and gentle, and while it’s nice to have brighter and jazzier colors, make sure that those are the colors that pop rather than the colors that are overwhelming.

6. Keep Lighting Soft

The lighting can play an essential role in the feeling of peace in the bedroom, and if you use softer bulbs and things like fairy lights and candles, you’re going to really embody the space. You can add string lights for a romantic glow through the room, too. You will create a much more intimate space when you choose your lighting in this way and it can make you feel calm, comfortable and peaceful all at once.

7. Remove Chargers/Electronics

The bedroom is for sleep, pillow talk, intimacy, and relaxation. No blue light technology is necessary! Keep the TV and the screen time out of the space (as much as possible) and utilize the living rooms for those leisurely or work-related activities. Along with this, it’s a good idea to remove unnecessary sounds, too, by turning off these and other noise-making devices. You may even want to consider adding a white noise machine if you’re distracted/bothered.

8. Add Preferred Scents

Your room should have clean and positive-smelling air! You can purchase an air filter for purification purposes. Or, if you’re just looking for good smells, consider some scented candles. These additions can enhance the space and make you feel relaxed. There is a lot to be said about scents and aromatherapy!

Creating a relaxing haven for your bedroom isn’t as complicated as you may think. Start with small changes at first and continue until you feel as if your space is truly a safe, healthy, and positive representation of you!

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