From The Heart

How To Find Meaning And Purpose In Parenthood

happy father with his child

Parenting is an experience that can bring immense joy and, at the same time, incredible suffering. Although the mother and fatherhood journey is so beautiful, it’s also really hard. This intense contrast can leave you with mixed feelings, but at the end of the day, recognizing that you are not alone is so powerful. Whether you’re a new parent or been through this journey for many years, here are some tips for finding meaning and purpose in parenthood.

Embrace The Present Moment

As a parent, embracing the present moment is essential. There’s always something to worry about in the future, so if you don’t calm your mind, you’ll be in a constant state of fear and anxiety. 

When children are having fun and enjoying themselves, cherish it. Know that these moments are fleeting and will disappear once they enter adult life. Celebrate their achievements, hug them often, and enjoy the time you spend together. It won’t last forever. 

Find A Parenting Style That Suits You

All people are different. Therefore, parenting styles vary greatly. The trick here is to find a style that suits you. You don’t have to follow so-called gurus religiously. If there’s an approach that works for you and your kids, explore it. The more true you can be to yourself, the more confident you will feel. 

Learn From Your Mistakes

Finding meaning and purpose in parenting also involves learning from your mistakes from time to time. You don’t need to constantly beat yourself up. But, if something isn’t working in your approach, you might want to spend a couple of days reflecting on it and learning what went wrong. 

If you can learn successfully from errors, then you can become a better parent in the future. Look deep in your heart and be honest with yourself about what might be causing dysfunction in your family. 

Talk To Other Parents

Talking to other parents is another excellent way to find meaning and purpose when raising kids. These interactions let you see how they deal with their own children, giving you an opportunity to learn. 

Other parents can also function as a support system. They can provide advice during difficult times, such as the “terrible twos” or the teenage years. The more you can build a picture of best practices, the more likely you are to succeed long-term

Do Something You Enjoy With Your Child

Lastly, make sure you engage in meaningful activities with your children. Do something that you both enjoy instead of just going through the motions or doing chores. If you love to hike, then pack your tactical tote bag and take your children along! If you enjoy cooking, then engage your child(ren) in learning alongside you.

Don’t pack your kids’ schedules full of activities to the point where everyone becomes exhausted. Pen in a couple of events per week and then leave the rest of the time free for just being together.