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4 Little Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Feet

Being a mama (or dad — don’t want to leave you guys out!) can be tough. From managing schedules, to trying to provide positive experiences for your children, you can often rush from one thing to another without even realizing how busy you truly are. In fact, I’d venture to guess you’ve probably neglected your own self-care at times, trying to be the best for your children. And while I don’t want to glorify this, I do want to bring attention to it.

As a parent, you’re always sacrificing, moving, and working. But mama — you deserve a break! And whether that looks like a bubble bath, hike (sans kids), a day for yourself, or learning to take better care of your feet, your skin, and your soul, we’re here for it.

Here are a few simple (but useful) tips if the former resonates. I don’t know about you, but foot care is the first thing I neglect on my self-care list, and it shouldn’t be. Our feet support us everyday, and they deserve a bit of TLC. Read More

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Your Mid-Year Home Health Checkup: 5 Things You Don’t Want To Miss

This has been an interesting year… hasn’t it?! From heat waves and high rain to record-setting illness statistics, you’ve been dealing with a lot of change and stress. And so has your home. But regardless of the elements (or the ongoing global pandemic), it’s time to do a mid-year home health checkup. 

Here are a few (often overlooked) things to take note of: Read More