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What People Don’t Understand About Being A Bonus Parent

What people don’t understand about being a bonus parent is that there’s actually no distinction between who or what’s ‘real.’ There are no labels, no differences. Your child is your child, not your ‘sort of’ child, not your ‘half’ child, not your ‘pretend’ child. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re biological or carry the same DNA—you are a parent. Read More

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7 Best Innovative Toys For Kids

Finding the best toys for kids is always a challenge. Every little guy/girl is different, has different interests, and is always changing and growing in and out of styles based on fads, friends, and other influences. Walk into a toy store and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the options and choices, especially if your kiddo is into a variety of things.

Some toys are simple: for playing and imagination. Other toys challenge their minds, and it’s always good to have a little of both. If you’re looking to increase your child’s higher thinking and creative skills, here are a few of the best innovative toys for kids on the market right now. Read More

parent and child feet, how taking care of children changes you

13 Ways Taking Care Of Children Changes You

Every parent talks about how their children have changed them, how they have made them into different people, challenged them, and taught them about themselves in beautiful and profound ways. I used to eavesdrop on my parents’ conversations, hear them laugh with friends about the shared frustrations of bedtime, the shift in priorities, the play dates and the terrible twos. I used to wonder how they could all nod in approval and such similar stories, even though their friends’ kids were different ages, different people. But now I understand.

Taking care of children changes you; loving children changes you. Read More