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girl resting in bed working on her mental health

How To Make Your Home A Mental Health Haven

Our mental health is everything. And if you’re a parent, taking care of your mind carries even more weight because you are in charge of other lives outside of your own. In a world that’s (slowly) learning to prioritize mental wellness, we are learning, as parents, to take up space, to add self-care practices to our daily routines, and to lean on therapy as a means of strength (not weakness).

However, one of the most important ways to support your mind is to start at home. Read More

parent feeling stressed about unemployment

Navigating Unemployment As A Parent

Navigating unemployment, especially as a parent, comes with a myriad of emotions including shame, frustration, fear, and perhaps even isolation. Unfortunately, so much of our perceived societal ‘worth’ is dependent upon what we do for work, what our income is, and how we provide for our loved ones. When this is stripped away from us, we feel, perhaps, as if we’ve lost a piece of who we are or as if we are failing.

However, this isn’t true.

Losing a job, searching for a job, being unemployed for a period of time—these are all natural and happen to everyone, regardless of their story or journey. If you’re facing unemployment right now, here are a few thing to keep in mind and ways to keep focused on your goals, despite this disheartening season. Read More

working on your mental health as a parent

Become a Better Parent By Caring for Your Mental Health

There has, unfortunately, always been a stigma around mental health. Many people believe that if you struggle with a mental health issue (varying from mild anxiety to severe depression or anywhere in-between), then this is a sign of weakness. Or, in the case of parenting, an inability to be a good, healthy, or present mom/dad.

Honestly, though, I believe the opposite is true.

Many people struggle with varying mental health issues (and frankly, all people struggle with something or another!). But just because you struggle doesn’t mean that you are unable to be a strong, selfless, or loving parent.

The most important thing you can do (for both yourself and your family) is to prioritize your emotional wellbeing and, ultimately, become a better parent by caring for your mental health. Read More