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4 Ways To Protect Your Home From Water Damage

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Keeping your house in good shape is important, but this goes beyond cleaning and organizing. For busy parents, something that’s often overlooked is protecting your home from water damage. However, water damage can cause serious issues, anywhere from mold, mildew, electrical damage, stains, and much more. Heck, it could get bad enough that you would have to call a water damage restoration team to help pick up the pieces. 

The good news is that as a homeowner, you can limit any potential damage from a flood or a torrential downpour of rain. Here’s how:

#1: Inspect Your Roof

To try and prevent possible water damage, it is important to check your roof every once in a while. Regardless of where you live or what temperature it is outside, there is always the possibility for slivers or cracks to pop up. These could lead to leaks inside the home. If you routinely check your roof, you can keep water from dripping from the ceiling.  

#2: Know Your Main Water Location

This will sound a little bit obvious, but make sure you know the location of your main water line. If there is an unavoidable issue with the water within your home, that is the first place you should head. If you have the chance to get there in one of those situations, quickly shut off your source of water and prevent any further damage. 

#3: Check Appliances

Many big appliances within the house use water: dishwashers, washing machines, and even refrigerators. These appliances can end up using gallons of water, and if something were to happen to any of them, you could have a big mess on your hand.

Washing machines can use up to 30 gallons of water per wash. Now imagine that amount of soapy water flooding your basement, bathroom, or wherever you have your washing machine. Not fun. Check your appliances frequently for any issues to stay one step ahead of a potential problem.

#4: Take Care of Pipes

If you want to really make sure your home is protected the best it can be from water damage, take care of your piping system. Clogged drains and frozen pipes can cause major headaches. This makes maintaining your piping system a top priority. Properly insulate your pipes to prevent any freezing and clean out your drains when you can.

There are plenty of more tips online on how to prevent water damage, but what it boils down to is whether or not you keep an eye on your home. If you can check up on your roof, foundation, and water system from time to time, you are in really good shape. Still, some things are out of your control. Be wary, stay vigilant, and be sure to ask for help when needed.

If water damage does hit your home, unfortunately it’s too late for prevention. However, you should act quickly against any damage. Water damage restoration services should be called as soon as possible to prevent mold from spreading throughout more materials and possessions in the home. The sooner that you get to getting rid of water-damaged material, the more that you can save.

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