Parent Stories

Parenting comes in all forms, shapes, sizes, bandwidths, and levels of craziness. 😂
In this section, you’ll find real stories from real parents—bio, bonus, and everything in-between.

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changing the narrative no more evil stepparent
Changing The Narrative: No More ‘Evil Stepparents’
As a stepparent, I don’t want to be compared, labeled, or seen as anything else other than someone who stepped up and committed to the journey.
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choose gratitude over attitude to change your life as a parent
How To Change Your Life As A Parent: Choose Gratitude
Everything changed when I decided to choose gratitude over attitude. You won't get back the time you lost, but you can enjoy all the time you have left.
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father being a real man with his daughter
Being A ‘Real Man’ Means Asking For Help
Recently, I experienced an honest reflection moment in my marriage. I realized that being a 'real man' means asking for help, and that's okay.
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