about Momish Moments
Motherhood (or ‘parenthood,’ really) in my opinion, is a lot like throwing dirty socks in the laundry. You can press all the right settings, add the perfect amount of soap, do the longest rinse cycle, and dry for just enough amount of time. But inevitably, there’s always that one damn sock that goes missing or the one that sticks to the static of another shirt and disappears. There will always be something you can’t plan for or understand. And more often than not, you’ll be running around trying to clean up the mess. Anyone else relate to what I’m talking about?

If you’re reading this page, maybe you resonated with the words or felt connected to the ups and downs of raising kids. Maybe you, like me, are a bonus parent trying to navigate those interesting (and often difficult) waters. Whatever your reason for being here, thank you.

Now here’s a little bit about what this site is all about, who I am, and my bonus mom story.

What Is ‘Momish Moments’?

Hi! First thing’s first: I’m Marisa Donnelly. I’m a passionate writer, editor, coach, founder of Be A Light Collective, and most recently, a bonus mom.

Long story short, I became a bonus mom to my boyfriend’s son almost two years ago. Ever since, I’ve been super interested in and excited about sharing stories, connecting with other parents, and learning about how to raise kids that aren’t your own. When I first started dating my boyfriend, James, I spent a lot of time searching the internet for tips and thoughts about being a bonus parent. Honestly, I was surprised to find there wasn’t much, or if there was, it didn’t feel real.

That’s where ‘Momish Moments’ was born.

I created this website to be a place where parents (bio or bonus) could come to for heartfelt essays, introspective thoughts, parenting tips, resources, some of the best products, and real connection. My goal is to share experiences because honestly, that’s how people grow and how we teach our children to grow — by being vulnerable and open with others.

I am not a perfect mama and I don’t claim to be. I make so many mistakes — lose so many socks — if you will. But one of the most beautiful things is learning alongside other parents and understanding that none of us are alone.

From my heart to yours, here are these pages.

Connect With Me:

If you’d like to collab with me, advertise your products, or pitch content, send me an email. I’d be happy to discuss the services and opportunities we offer. If you love my content and want to have me write for your pages, get in touch! Freelance writing is my specialty (aside from mom things, of course 😂).