How to Keep Your Kids’ Birthday Memorable During The Pandemic

happy kid at birthday party during pandemic

According to research, 58% of all cards that are bought in the US are birthday cards. This tells us how important birthdays are to people, and even more to children. The pandemic may have you wondering how you can still give your child the celebration he or she deserves, but don’t worry! You can.

Here are a few ways you can make your kids’ birthday memorable during the pandemic:

Pick a Theme Your Child Will Love

When it comes to picking a theme for your child’s party, you can either check-in with your kid so you know what they would love. Or, as a surprise, create a perfect theme with your child’s favorite character, adventure, or dream in mind. You could also consider making the day extra special by customizing the event. For example, custom t-shirt printing to customizing the cake and other souvenirs. [Check out our founder’s post with the custom t-shirts she made!] Whichever theme you end up settling for, the idea is to make sure that you create a fantasy world for your child. This will not only allow them to have fun, but they’ll forget being in a pandemic altogether!

Have a Well-Decorated Photo Spot

When you have a themed party, having great photos is a must! From weddings to formal events, photo spots are used to capture some amazing shots that speak volumes, and you can make this happen for your child. Make a well-decorated photo spot that fits perfectly into the theme for the birthday celebration, or you could hire professional help for decor. 

Also, consider getting professional photos of your child with friends and family. You can later share these photos with other family and friends who couldn’t make it to the event so they get a feel for the special occasion. Years down the line, these lovely photos will bring back happy memories.

Customize Masks and Sanitizers 

Let’s face it: everything is a little strange right now with all of the regulations and sanitizing… but it doesn’t have to be scary! Create masks and sanitizers that fit your party theme. This will make things a little more fun, and more importantly, safe!

Put Together Fun Games and Activities 

Kids like to spend their parties being entertained, socializing, or playing games with friends. In order to make your kid’s birthday memorable during the pandemic, keep this social piece in mind! Consider creating an environment filled with fun and games. You can employ a juggler to keep them in awe, create an outdoor food stand and a game station, or even hire a portable game truck where they can play virtually with other peers! You can also plan a scavenger hunt. The adults can monitor these activities to make sure kids are well spaced-out and safe.

Separately Pack Treat Boxes

When it comes to treat bags, separate packaging is important to prevent the spread of the virus and keep things safe! Be intentional about what you include and make sure that if you’re going to do homemade items, you are being smart about how you’re making them (or, it may be best to avoid them altogether). You also have the option to customize your treat bags, too, to make them more fun! 

With these ideas, you can still throw a fun (and safe!) party your kids will remember. Even though we are facing tough times, it is possible to make your kid’s birthday memorable during the pandemic.

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