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5 Ways To Strengthen Bonds With Your Children

mother strengthening a bond with her child

Children are a source of joy for many couples, and in a study of twenty-two Western nations, it was discovered that many parents are happier than childless couples. But knowing how challenging parenting can be, how do you strengthen bonds with your children, especially when you are new to parenting? Or with the rapid rise of blended families and taking on ‘bonus children,’ how can you ensure that you win your new children’s heart?

Well, here are some strategies that are sure to get you on the right track.

1. Respect your kids

Respect is always reciprocal irrespective of age differences. This means if you want your kids to love you, show them parental love. You can show respect to your children by granting their (reasonable) wishes, listening to their concerns, and making them feel loved.

Instead of punishing them severely for their little mistakes, consider counseling them. Your kids will value their relationship with you when they realize that you respect their dignity. And even when there are fights and quarrels in a home, or even if things get serious to the point that a divorce attorney is required, let your kids know that your love for them is bigger than what is going on.

2. Entertain your kids

You can easily strengthen bonds with your children by actively engaging with them.  Entertainment is like a magic wand that unlocks kids’ happiness. Therefore, if do your best to entertain them, they will never grow tired of loving you because you have established yourself as a relatable (and reliable) parent.

Children have a great sense of humor, too, and appreciate a joke or two from you. Apart from these, do your best to find out the little things that entertain your kids and provide them once a while to keep them around. 

3. Compliment your children

Just like adults love compliments, kids do, too! You can compliment your children about their looks, dress, and manners. Some kids may even want you to praise them for brushing their teeth, doing their homework, or combing their hair. The simple things go a long way. When you compliment your children, they will feel so special. It is also a good way to motivate them to repeat good behavior and build self-esteem. 

4. Buy them gifts

As a parent, you don’t want to go shopping without considering the needs of kids. While gifts and presents are nice and offer a tangible way to show love, they are not necessary. Of course, every child wants to be showered with presents. But remember that it’s always the thought that counts and make sure you are not going out of your means as a parent.

5. Don’t over-pamper kids

Too much show of affection can actually ruin the relationship between you and your children. When you pamper children more than necessary, they can take you for granted, and gradually, your leniency will become your weakness and by the time you set out to correct them, they will think you are too hard on them. A balance shows your kids that you have their best interests at heart and only want them to become their best selves.

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