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4 Parent-Approved Online Shopping Tips

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During the months and months of quarantine this year, online shopping has become a parent’s saving grace. When it was unsafe to go outside, online shopping was the proverbial ‘knight in shining armor’ that swept us away to live happily ever after. Okay, not quite. But it’s been pretty helpful. Even our grandmothers and tech-phobic aunties began heralding online shopping as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

As a parent, you’re always juggling so many tasks. But did you know that helping the kids with their school work from home, perhaps redecorating the living room, repainting the bathroom, or even sorting through old books and toys can all be helped by the wonderful world of online shopping?! Yep. The question is, are you making the most of it?

If you love shopping online as most of us do, here are some tips to ensure you are winning at the process:

Step One: Secure The Best Deals

Okay, so we all want the best deals, but it’s not like you can barter the price down in an online store. So how can you ensure you’re getting the most out of your money? For starters, make sure you shop around all the retailers which stock your chosen product before you buy. Some retailers will have certain sales or markdowns which will save you cash.

In addition, check the price of delivery before you buy. If one retailer offers the same price but free shipping, you’re already saving yourself some dollars without even applying a voucher code.

Step Two: Learn About Helping Others

The great thing about online shopping is that you can visit a hundred stores without even leaving home. Plus, you get more information on specific vendors. Some companies have dedicated products and money to help others when you shop and will explain this on their site. If you consider yourself a charitable soul, try shopping with brands that are dedicated to sharing the love (such as Amazon Smile, for example).

One example of this is Toms shoes. These plimsolls are comfortable and cute, and what’s more, every time you buy a pair, the company donates a pair to children in deprived situations! It’s a win-win.

Step Three: Pay Attention to Ethical Sourcing

In addition to charitable donations, online shopping allows you to explore the ethical background of the company. Unlike in a physical store, in which you are just presented with the products and the staff, online stores usually contain the origin story of the company.
Plus, you can check all the details of the products you are buying, the ingredients, and the place of manufacture. For example, if you wish to purchase only vegan beauty products, there are online lists and databases which compile vegan beauty brands so you know what you’re buying every time.

Ethical shopping isn’t always the cheapest, but well-made products with high-quality materials are likely to last longer, be more sustainable for the planet, and look great, too.

Step Four: Take Advantage of Healthcare Online

You can even order prescriptions and medications online nowadays! How great is that? Using well-protected online systems, many medical companies and opticians make your prescriptions available and easy to order online. This means that if you have any repeated prescriptions for which you would usually have to visit a pharmacy, you can order them online through your healthcare provider, keeping yourself safe and limiting your contact with others (important especially now, with COVID-19).

Similarly, you can now order a coronavirus test kit online. If you think you may have contracted COVID-19, you can order an easy-to-use test kit which means you don’t have to leave home to find out if you have the virus. This helpful tool limits your contact with others while you could be contagious.

Step Five: Analyze Online Reviews

If you want a product but aren’t sure of its quality or effectiveness, check out the reviews on the company site. Particularly when it comes to skincare or makeup, you may not know if it suits your skin type until you try it out for real. Reading reviews that other buyers have left will help you to determine how good the product is, and whether you think you should purchase it.

Plus, you can pass the baton by leaving reviews on sites from which you have bought goods. This will help others to determine their own online shopping fate, and continues the cycle of boosting companies and products you love!

Now You’re Ready to Online Shop

All in all, online shopping has revolutionized the way we buy goods forever. Now you can order just about anything without leaving the couch. If you have other suggestions or recommendations, let us know by sharing them below!

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