5 Easy Ways To Improve Kids’ Eye Health

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Just like other parts of the body, the human eyes are very delicate. In fact, they’re considered one of the most delicate organs our bodies have. It’s so important that we take care of our eyes as young as possible. But in order to improve eye health, parent(s) need to step in and teach their children how to properly take care of their eyes.

Eye health is very important and can sometimes be neglected over other aspects of health such as dental health. To ensure that your child has healthy eyes as they grow older, some of these tips will do the trick. 

Say ‘No’ to Eye-Rubbing

For those who have chronic uveitis treatments or are looking for some type of treatment, eye rubbing can at times be a resort as it temporarily moistens the eyes. And especially for kids, eye rubbing can be natural (and often unconscious!).

This should be a big no-no. Frequent eye rubbing can cause infections, and can even spread germs from the hands into the eyelids. Eye cleanliness tends to be neglected, but it needs to constantly stay a priority at all times. As a parent, you need to discourage your children from touching their eyes. However, if this proves to be a hard habit to break, ensure that your child washes his/her hands first.

Keep a Good Diet

You’ve probably heard the old saying, ‘Carrots are good for your eyes!’ and in actuality, that’s true! A good diet should consist of veggies that are excellent for you and your child’s eye health. This includes red leafy greens, spinach, carrots, and beets. Also, look into foods that contain a lot of Vitamin A which is helpful for eye health as well.

Set Screen Rules

Children nowadays are staring at screens more than ever: phones, tablets, computers, and TV screens on top of that. Plus, some kids may even be using screens for school each day.

As such, it’s important to set some limits on how much screen time your child gets each day. It’s best to let them know that it isn’t a punishment; rather, you’re trying to keep them in good health. Eye exhaustion is caused by staring at screens for too long, and in order to avoid this, they shouldn’t be looking at screens for hours at a time. There are plenty of apps for phones and tablets that limit screen time, computers and even TV have a parental lock that limits screen time as well.


Invest in Protective Eyewear

best blue light glasses for kidsThere are different ways to protect your children’s eyes, depending on the activities that your children are up to. When it comes to screen time, it may be a good idea to invest in blue light glasses for kids, which can help reduce the painful glare from screens on the eyes!

googles for kids and sportsSports or outdoor activities may require eyewear to protect from the sun, elements, or hands-on movements. If it’s a summer activity, having sunglasses is a good idea. For something that is more contact or hands-on, sport goggles for kids may be a good idea to prevent injury. And, if your child wears prescription glasses regularly, you can even put the prescription into the sports glasses.


Be Careful With Toys

Some toys can be dangerous for children, especially without supervision. Be wary of toys with jagged edges or points (for example, swords, play knives, darts, etc.). It’s also a good idea to be cautious if your child is engaging in any sports or physical activities. Sport equipment, like sticks or bats, for example, can do serious damage to eyes if you’re note taking protective measures.

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