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How To Improve Your Children’s Teeth Over Time

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There are so many areas of your child’s life to invest in: learning, wellness, emotions, passion areas, etc. However, something that tends to be overlooked, especially when it comes to health, is teeth. Finding ways to prioritize and improve your children’s teeth over time is important for health, appearance, confidence, and so much more!

Here are some simple suggestions to start considering early on:

Eating the Right Foods

There are many foods that can discolor your teeth, and of course, this is something to take note of earlier rather than later. As an adult, you might not think about drinking coffee or wine, but these things can cause browning!

And although your child may not be consuming either of those liquids (at least we hope not!) it’s good to think about foods with dyes and other sugary foods that may be causing more damage than you realize!

Of course, you can still drink and eat certain foods, it’s important to cut back or brush after consuming them. 

Cosmetic Treatments

Are cosmetic treatments necessary for children? That is a case-by-case question.

For some children, braces or retainers may be necessary—not only for appearance but for mouth health, too! Outside of the necessary, there are plenty of cosmetic options that can improve the appearance of your child’s natural teeth as he/she gets older. (And no, this doesn’t mean pulling or replacing teeth!)

Cosmetic Dentistry can help improve your natural smile by restoring broken teeth, whitening their shade, or reshaping the gums. If you’re curious about the options, reach out to your child’s dentist or orthodontist to learn more. Be sure to ask him/her what’s necessary and what may be helpful, based on your child’s age and growth stage.

Teeth Straightening

Again, depending on your child’s mouth, age, and growth stage, teeth straightening may be an option!

Crooked teeth can harm gums, cause decay, or force other teeth out of alignment, leading to chronic headaches and other jaw issues. However, not all crooked teeth are bad, and some families may opt for keeping crooked teeth because they make the child’s appearance unique. It’s best to consult your child’s dentist for his/her opinion, and, depending on the age of your child, ask your child’s perspective, too!

Regular Dentist Visits

You should bring your child to the dentist every six months, or more if he/she is experiencing issues or growing rapidly.

Generally, once your child has all his/her adult teeth, you can opt for yearly appointments, but again, keeping tabs on growing teeth, movement, and/or wisdom teeth is important! If your child has braces, you’ll need to frequent the dentist/orthodontist far more frequently to get tightening or adjusting and to make sure the braces are doing their job.

And, of course, don’t forget about regular brushing and flossing, too!

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