4 Little Ways To Be A Better Parent

parent holding child's hands

Being a parent is the hardest job in the world. It is your responsibility to bring a tiny human into the world and raise them into a successful, happy, and healthy adult. You have to navigate all kinds of challenges from learning how to change a nappy to dealing with breakups and detentions. It’s your duty to educate them about the ways of the world and prevent them from harm at all times. All the while trying to live your own life simultaneously.

There will be times when you get it wrong. Making mistakes is human nature, and you can’t do everything perfectly all the time. But it’s understandable you may worry that you’re not good enough as a parent. But, simply having these doubts and worries shows how much you care about your little one, and therefore you are doing a great job!

But. . . there is always room for improvement, especially if you want to feel like you’re at the top of your parenting game. To give your child the best possible life, here are four little ways to be a better parent.

1. Show Up For Your Children

Whether it’s listening to their problems or taking them to their orthodontist appointment, you need to be an active presence in their life. (Especially in childhood when they are still finding their feet in the world!) Make an effort to support them in everything they do. You may not always agree with their life choices or opinions, but you shouldn’t shoot them down or appear to not care. Cheer them on and be a positive force in their life. You will strengthen your parent-child bond and you will encourage them to be more confident and successful.

2. Support Their Academics

If your child does well at school, it will set them up for a bright and successful future. With good grades they can go onto university and become anything they want in life. And it starts with your help. Give them a hand with their homework and provide extracurricular learning. If you can give them a head start, they will be more likely to perform well.

3. Promote A Healthy Lifestyle

It’s important to encourage healthy habits in your children. Obesity is a growing concern amongst kids in America, and it is fueled by an abundance of junk food, inactivity, and excessive screen time. You can easily avoid the risk of major health problems by promoting good lifestyle choices. Exercise together as a family, whether it’s going on bike rides or trying new things like rock climbing. Prepare healthy meals at home full of fruit and vegetables and limit the greasy takeaways to the occasional treat. 

4. Lead By Example

When encouraging positive behaviors in your child, it’s important you lead by example. If you want them to limit their screen time yet spend hours each evening scrolling through your social media accounts, you’re setting a bad precedent. Children are highly impressionable, so if you maintain good habits, they will soon follow suit.