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10 Things To Do Before Moving Into A New Home

checklist for moving into a new home

Moving into a new home can be both exciting and daunting. You have so many decisions to make, not only about the home you are selling (updates/renovations, changes, pricing, the moving out process and timeline, etc.) but also about the home you’re hoping to move into and how you can make it the place of your dreams. But, before you get too ahead of yourself,  it’s important to go take careful and rational steps.

Here is a ten-step checklist that will ensure you don’t forget anything as you start your life in your new place.

1. Connect the Utilities

One of the most important things you’ll have to do when moving into a new home, outside of the basics of design, space planning and furniture layout, is connect your utilities.

This means arranging for phone, internet, cable TV, and possibly even water and gas service. If these things aren’t already taken care of before you move in, you could be waiting quite a while before. And, depending on where you live and temperatures, this can be not only an inconvenience, but potentially dangerous, too! So, be sure to order these services ahead of time or even schedule the appointments right when you move in.

2. Check the Locks

Before you move in, be sure that the locks are secure. Or, for added safety, change the locks completely from the previous owners. Once your new security system is in place, double-check the locks on all doors and windows and ensure that they work properly or are replaced/fixed if necessary.

3. Install Security Systems

In addition to locks, be sure to add a security system to your home. Even if you live in a fairly safe area, this is an additional layer of protection that keeps you and your family safe.

Look into a Home Security Company that will come out to your home, give you a quotation, installation, and professional advice on where to set up the system and what will work best for your new home. 

4. Clean & Inspect Your Roof/Chimney

One place that’s often overlooked in new homes is the roof or chimney area. Oftentimes, families will move in not realizing that there are leaks in the roof or chimneys that can be a fire hazard if not properly cleaned. Before moving into your new home, ensure that there is no damage to either structure and that they are both properly waterproofed. 

5. Check for Mold 

Mold can be incredibly dangerous, especially for children. Before you move into your new space, have professionals come out and check for mold. If you notice any signs of mold, such as a musty smell or discolored patches on the wall, contact professionals to come to take samples as soon as possible.

6. Set Up Your Deliveries

Something else to think about before moving into your new home is to set up your deliveries. This includes not only big items, like your furniture, but also things like groceries and other household supplies. If you haven’t already, be sure to change your address on any auto-ship services (think Amazon, Instacart, Doordash, Uber Eats, etc.) so that your items are heading to the right place and there’s no delay.

7. Clean Your Yard

Regardless of where you live or the climate, your yard (if you have one) will be a frequently used area.

As such, it’s a good idea to clean up and make sure it’s safe, usable, and clean. Depending on the time and temperature when you move in, your yard can serve as a temporary storage area. A clean yard will benefit you as you make space and make sense of your new place.

8. Check For Foundational Damage 

Before moving into a new home, look out for cracks in sidewalks or stairs. These are often an indication of foundation damage due to shifting soil conditions. If you catch this early, it can make all the difference and safe you money for costly renovations and updates.

9. Call Pest Control 

Another important service that’s often overlooked is pest control. It’s not uncommon for pests like ants, rodents, and cockroaches to be found living on properties recently occupied by people (and especially in homes that have been empty for some time). So, it’s wise to get in touch with the pest experts sooner rather than later. Even if you don’t actively see pests, having someone you can call and trust will be helpful when an issue arises, or just to have as a routine service in your new home.

10. Ensure You Have Proper Insulation 

One last key item on the pre-move-in-checklist is ensuring that you have proper insulation throughout your entire home. If you don’t properly insulate the house, not only will heat and airflow be unregulated (causing weird temperatures and discomfort), but you’ll run into high utility costs as well.

Another benefit of proper home insulation is because it can help protect your property from weather damage. So, don’t skip on this check before moving in!

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