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How To Update Your Home On A Budget

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As a sales professional, I know, firsthand, how challenging the home upgrading, selling, and buying processes are. Even so, they are necessary evils, especially if you’re wanting to move or change your scenery.

Whether you’re moving somewhere else or are just looking for a change (without breaking the bank!), here are small ways to update your home on a budget.


If your kitchen isn’t fully fit for purpose, then you need to upgrade it to suit your needs. This could include a full kitchen refit (where everything is ripped out and you basically start again from fresh), or it can be something more simple and money conscious.

A complete kitchen upgrade usually happens when people buy an old property and want to change it to suit them. However, if your home is relatively new and you fancy a change, you can opt for a cheaper alternative to a brand new kitchen. 

One way to update your home on a budget is to paint your existing kitchen cabinets and add new handles to make it look like a brand new kitchen. You can also update the backsplash, too. If you have white cabinets, here are some kitchen backsplash ideas with white cabinets for some simple, yet stylish ideas. 


Let’s face it, we spend quite a bit in the bathroom. From our daily habits to our morning and evening routines, this is our space. And chances are, it probably needs some upgrades.

However, instead of ripping apart your current bathroom, you can think about adding something. For example, you could add a bath (if you have room). That way you have both the bath and shower options available. While it doesn’t change the space, necessarily, it does make things feel different and perhaps be more efficient for your family, too.


The lounge is the heart of the house, and potentially the room that is used the most. You relax in here, entertain guests in here, and possibly watch your children grow and develop in this room. You need it to be relaxing, welcoming, and comfortable. . . otherwise you won’t want to spend much time there.

To jazz up your lounge you can think about redecorating with décor, paintings/art, or furniture. You can also paint the walls to create a different color scheme or accent. Another idea is to create a feature wall, which is great for creating a separated effect between this room and others.


Your bedroom is your safe haven. Like the lounge, it needs to be comfortable, inviting, and interesting. You can start with something similar to the living spaces by adding a feature or highlight wall. If you don’t want to paint, you can opt for wallpaper (or even purchase some that’s easy to remove!)

Another way to revamp your bedroom is by adding in some cool, new furniture. If you are due to get a new bed you could opt for a foldaway, futon, or one that doubles as a couch to create more versatility. The options are endless! 

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