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5 Benefits Of Using A Humidifier At Home

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Humidifiers have been around for a long time, but honestly, they’re still a little underappreciated. As a parent, you’re often busy trying to prepare and provide for your family as much as possible. But do you know the benefits of using a humidifier at home and why it may be a useful investment? 

Here are some ways humidifiers can help you and your family:

Support Healthy Skin & Hair

Yep. Contrary to common use, one of the biggest (and least known) advantages of using a humidifier at home is to improve the condition of your skin and hair. During dry seasons, you may notice your hair getting brittle or your lips feeling chapped. When it’s chilly outside, we often turn on heating units which can actually further dry the air in our homes, making our skin even more itchy and flaky.

Using a humidifier, for example, the Levoit warm mist humidifier or any other quality unit, can help add more moisture to the air indoors. The humidifier counteracts the dry air caused by heating units and helps to reduce the occurrence of dry and flaking skin.

Promote a Productive Cough

Have you heard of the term “productive cough”? This means that your cough is serving a purpose, most likely to clear out your respiratory system. However, if the air is too dry, nothing can clear. Adding humidity to the air can introduce more moisture into your system, encouraging your coughs to be more productive and release phlegm.

Improve Children’s Wellness & Allergy Symptoms

If you’re concerned about your child’s health then using a humidifier can actually help deal with certain issues. If they suffer frequent nosebleeds or sinus infections, for example, a humidifier is a great tool to provide the moisture that reduces those problems.

Humidifiers are also able to help with allergies. Breathing in air with more humidity can relieve some of the discomforts and break up the congestion. Finding the right balance of humidity can be tricky, so it’s important to try out different humidifiers (such as warm mist and cool mist ones) to see what works best for you and your family.

Reduce Snoring

If you’ve tried multiple snoring remedies and have had limited success, then you may want to give a humidifier a try! Since a humidifier’s purpose is to increases the amount of moisture in the air, it helps to lubricate your airways. This naturally results in less snoring. Your results may vary depending on the type of humidifier used, and any underlying cause of snoring, so be sure to experiment a little bit to see what works best for your circumstances.

Do you use a humidifier in your home? Share your recommendations with us!

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