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How To Make A Beautiful Garden (Without Too Much Work)

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Part of creating a beautiful home for you and your family means intentionally designing, decorating, and making your indoor (and outdoor) spaces feel ‘right.’ While ‘right’ is subjective—based on personal preferences, home size/style, budget, and, of course, what’s trending—it’s all about what feels good to you. And when it comes to those outdoor areas, your garden can’t be ignored. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re redesigning and hoping to make your landscape as stunning and colorful as you can, here is how to make a beautiful garden (without too much money or effort). 

1. Get Rid Of Weeds

The first way to make a beautiful garden is to put an effort into your landscaping (as far as attractiveness and care). Before you do anything else, be sure you can get rid of the weeds in your garden. It’s also a good idea to opt for an all-natural weed killer so that you can make sure your yard stays safe for pets and children alike.

2. Add Native Plants

While taking into account the weather and the availability of these species, think about bringing native plants in your garden. Include trees and bushes of varying sizes. Planting vegetation in your garden at varying heights will help to give it more depth and highlight all of its wonderful features. 

3. Add Bare Walls & Fences

If your garden extends to the garage, think about growing vines on the side of your house. You can support the vines by installing trellises or cables (some plants will not need this). Recognize the boundaries of the space you have available. There shouldn’t be vegetation around or within apertures like garage doors (for obvious reasons). 

4. Prioritize Variety

If you want to make a beautiful garden, be sure to select a variety of plants. The best plants to use are those that produce blooms throughout the year. If you only choose plants that bloom at the same time, your garden won’t appear beautiful throughout the many seasons of the year. Since there are so many different kinds of plants there, your yard always looks cheerful and festive. 

5. Add Comfortable (& Practical) Patio Furniture

If you have a spacious, well-kept patio area, it may be practical (and fun!) to move your summer cooking outside if your kitchen is small. Additionally, you can use it as your personal hideaway or as a place to work out outside. 

Due to its versatility in terms of size and style, patios can add a distinctive design element to the landscaping around your home. Place your patio elsewhere in your yard to make the area “pop,” or close to your house for a “deck-like” look.

If your land is large, you might install it further away and build a walkway to reach there for a “hidden” look. If you have a patio, you can have Renewal by Andersen patio doors installed. 

As far as furniture goes, a single seat will provide the perfect place to read a book, or you can decide to create an outdoor dining area for your family cookouts. Place outdoor furniture adjacent to tall trees or plants to ensure privacy. Whether you decide to use pavers or stone, don’t forget to surround the area with plants from your yard. Perhaps even create a terrace. 

6. Consider A Water-Focused Feature

A water feature is a statement addition to any landscape. Sometimes all it takes to unwind and feel calmer is to sit there and listen to the water flow. You can make a beautiful garden with a fountain, for example. Whether you want a tiny or large water element, make sure the material doesn’t look overcrowded or disorganized. Because it’s simple and versatile, natural stone is an excellent material for fountains. 

7. Include An Annex

Garden annexes are the ideal alternative for your home addition needs in terms of peace of mind. Homeowners with gardens can now create fully functional outdoor living spaces that can be enjoyed all year round because of the growing popularity of modular garden structures. If you have a garden, you have a fantastic window of opportunity for house remodeling

8. Use Your Creativity When Decorating 

Never be afraid to decorate your garden in the same manner that you would a room in your house. Okay, so you might decide against installing a TV, but you still need to consider the accessories and possibly a focus point. By doing so, you will create the impression that your yard is a beautiful, carefully-constructed extension of your house. And again, you have a lot of creative license when you do this. Just remember that anything you have outside must be waterproof or covered in some other way.

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