4 Little Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Feet

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Being a mama (or dad — don’t want to leave you guys out!) can be tough. From managing schedules, to trying to provide positive experiences for your children, you can often rush from one thing to another without even realizing how busy you truly are. In fact, I’d venture to guess you’ve probably neglected your own self-care at times, trying to be the best for your children. And while I don’t want to glorify this, I do want to bring attention to it.

As a parent, you’re always sacrificing, moving, and working. But mama — you deserve a break! And whether that looks like a bubble bath, hike (sans kids), a day for yourself, or learning to take better care of your feet, your skin, and your soul, we’re here for it.

Here are a few simple (but useful) tips if the former resonates. I don’t know about you, but foot care is the first thing I neglect on my self-care list, and it shouldn’t be. Our feet support us everyday, and they deserve a bit of TLC.

Check In With Your Doctor

This may sound a little extreme, especially if you’re someone who’s regularly checking in on your kids’ health rather than your own. But, just as you brush your teeth every day, you should honestly check on the health of your feet weekly (if not daily).

Do your feet have blisters, sores, cuts, swelling, or toenails that are too long or potentially infected? If you see a problem, don’t let it go. It may seem little, but anything left untreated can start to cause problems. You should book an appointment with your podiatrist at least annually to make sure there are no problems and avoid unnecessarily ailments. When you take care of your feet, it will support your overall wellness, and only by paying attention to them will you notice when something’s not right.

Focus On Hygiene

A few months ago, I asked my son if he cleaned all of his body parts in the shower (he’s in fifth grade). He said yes to everything… until I asked about his feet. And then he replied, “Well, the soap and water just pour on them, so it’s fine!” Ha! Can you relate? (Don’t answer that.)

Cleaning your feet is more than just jumping in the shower. It’s about a good scrub every day to avoid infections, especially if you’re prone to them (athlete’s feet, fungus, etc.) And it’s important to dry your feet, too, so that bacteria won’t have a warm, wet climate to grow in.


If you aren’t already moisturizing your feet each day, you should start. Whether you use Vaseline or peppermint foot balm, it is so important that moisturize to prevent dryness, callouses, or cracks in the skin. (Note: It’s best to not moisturize between the toes because it can leave you vulnerable to infection or create a nasty smell depending on how much you sweat!)

Pick the Right Shoes

If you want to take better care of your feet, then your shoes should fit well enough that they do not slip or rub. On the flip side, they should never be too tight, as this can not only be painful, but cause blisters and cuts, and potentially lead to swelling or other more serious injuries, too.

Ideally, you should also try to choose shoes that have decent arch support to prevent pain and injury, which means sandals and flip flops should be worn a lot less often, or not at all. You should also invest in a few pairs of good shoes so that you can rotate and give the shoes time to breathe between use. (This will also reduce negative odors and minimize the chance of infection!)

Foot care may not be the sexiest aspect of wellness, but it’s important. If you’re looking to shift your self-care regimen, don’t forget to add this to your list!

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