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How To Put Together A Baby Shower Gift Basket

best baby shower gift basket ideas

A baby shower is a beautiful celebration, and you want to give a charming gift that the parents-to-be will appreciate. You can give practical and fun gifts in a beautifully presented gift basket—find out how to put together a perfect baby shower gift basket.

1. Pick a Reusable Basket or Bag

The reusable basket or bag you choose will hold all the other goodies, and the expecting parents can use it for storage later. If you pick a bag or basket that has a beautiful design, you won’t have to do much to spruce it up. For a quick and easy design change, consider decorating the basket handle with ribbon.

2. Choose Bath Time Items

Practical items might not be the cutest gifts, but baby and parents will make good use of them. Items like baby cleaners, shampoos, and creams will see a lot of use at bath time or during diaper changes. Find out whether the parents like certain products or which products they’d rather avoid so you can cater to their preferences.

3. Pick Out Cloth Items

Receiving blankets, burp cloths, and cute clothes soften the look of your basket. You can roll each item individually to fill out the basket and make it easier to access each piece. Consider coordinating the colors of the fabrics to give the basket a stylish and put-together look.

4. Include Fun Items

Fun items like toys and books will keep baby entertained and add whimsy to your gift basket. Consider including gender-neutral baby gifts that have a wide appeal and can easily be used for future children, too. Friendly, soft toy animals add personality to your basket.

5. Organize the Basket

Finally, as you put together the baby shower gift basket, place large items at the back of the basket. You want the contents of the basket to face the same direction, and you want as many gifts as possible to be visible. Place smaller items toward the front of the basket; very small items, like gift cards, should rest at the top.

If you’d like, you can wrap the basket with clear plastic cellophane. Then, close the cellophane by tying a bow around the top. If you decide not to use cellophane, you can leave the basket open and place the bow directly on the basket handle. Add a gift tag to finish the present nicely.