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4 Tips for Packing Your Belongings Before Moving

tips for packing before a move

Moving into a new home is a major task for anyone, especially when packing your things and saying goodbye to your current residence. What should you pack first? Is there an easier way to gather everything? Here are some tips for the efficient (and hopefully stress-free!) packing your belongings before move-in day.

1. Prepare a Variety of Boxes

Although it may seem easiest to use big moving boxes, this isn’t always the most efficient way of doing things. You probably have all sorts of items in various sizes, so it’s best to also have several different boxes. It’s easier to misplace things when you put all your belongings into large containers, especially if you don’t establish a packing system.

Smaller items like decorations should go into appropriately sized boxes. If needed, you can place them into a larger box for easy loading and unloading. If you place smaller boxes within a larger one, label the big one with the room these items belong to.

2. Sort Through Belongings

Before getting carried away and packing everything into the right containers, you should sort through your things. For example, go through your closet to ease clothing organization before moving—and donate items you no longer want.

As you decide what to donate, you should consider the size of your new home. If you have less room, you may end up with a larger donation pile than expected.

Pro Tip: You should help your children prepare for the big move. Sit with them and sort through old clothing or toys they no longer want. You can use this as a chance to teach them about the importance of generosity.

3. Pack Properly

How can you pack incorrectly? Easy, you put the heaviest items on the top of the box and delicate belongings at the bottom! Moving is stressful, and you don’t want to risk anything breaking during the process, so put heavy items into boxes first. If you use cardboard to store heavy things like dishware, you may have to reinforce the base.

Likewise, it’s best to sort delicate or treasured items in a special place so you can give them the extra care they deserve. If you have a cherished vase from your grandmother, pack it into its own box; load it into your car rather than the moving van to prevent the risk of damage.

4. Take Your Time

Don’t wait until the last second to start packing everything, as this will rush the process and can lead to disorganization. This tip for packing your belongings before moving is vital because moving can be emotional, specifically if you’ve raised a family in your current home.

Sorting through things may be difficult, and you might need to take a break. When you give yourself ample time before move-in day, you make the schedule more flexible so you can take the necessary time. Remember, while your journey in this home may be coming to a close, a new one is about to begin.