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7 Best Innovative Toys For Kids

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Finding the best toys for kids is always a challenge. Every little guy/girl is different, has different interests, and is always changing and growing in and out of styles based on fads, friends, and other influences. Walk into a toy store and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the options and choices, especially if your kiddo is into a variety of things.

Some toys are simple: for playing and imagination. Other toys challenge their minds, and it’s always good to have a little of both. If you’re looking to increase your child’s higher thinking and creative skills, here are a few of the best innovative toys for kids on the market right now.

1. Tinker Crates, by KiwiCo

I came across KiwiCo about a year ago when I was looking for a toy that would help my boyfriend’s son, Austin, with both manipulation and OT skills, as those are two things he really struggles with (in and out of the classroom).

The Tinker Crate is the one we loved for Austin because it encouraged him to use his hands to manipulate smaller parts. It also implemented construction and STEM, which are two things he doesn’t always get a lot of practice with at school.

KiwiCo offers seven different crate options: Tadpole Crate (0-36 months), Koala Crate (ages 3-4), Kiwi Crate (ages 5-8), Atlas Crate (ages 6-11), Doodle Crate (ages 9-16+), Tinker Crate (ages 9-16+), and the Eureka Crate (ages 14-104!). Because there are so many different options, it’s easy to choose what will fit your son or daughter and his/her interests and age.

The best part about the crates is that they offer discounts through subscribing and there’s flexibility to your subscription, so you’re never locked in. For parents with picky kids or busy schedules, having the option to set smaller subscriptions is a must.
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2. Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition, by Anki

Anki Overdrive, Best Innovative Toys
If your kiddo is into machines, cars, and fast-paced play, then these robotic cars are perfect! The cars are programmed for battle and can even be controlled with a mobile device. Each comes with a built-in sensor, high-performance motor, and even a rocket launcher! You can race and fully control and manipulate them, too.
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3. 3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen Set, by 3Doodler

3Doodler, Best Innovative Toys For Kids
For kids that are into art and creation, this 3Doodler is incredible. You can not only create on a flat surface but draw into the air and even connect pieces of your drawing together for a completely 3D design! With the included printing device, you can make anything from masks and pictures to jewelry and designs and print them right at home!
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4. Electronic Music Inventor Kit, by LittleBits

LittleBits, Best Innovative Toys For Kids
For the music-lovers, you can create, customize, build, and play your own music! Then, with the electric synth guitar, you can take the music you create and sync it to new electronic instruments. This is a great way for music lovers to get their hands on products that help with early stages of creating and recording. Plus, everything can be synced with a mobile device, too.
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5. Electric Motors Catalyst Kit, by Tinkering Labs

TinkerLabs Motor Catalyst, Innovative Toys For Kids
Another amazing toy for kids interesting in building, creating, and STEM is this Electric Motors Catalyst Kit. The kit helps little ones (preferred ages 6+) with their problem-solving skills through inventing and troubleshooting. It also helps with project-based learning, which depending on your child’s school cirriculum, may be something they aren’t able to do all the time.

The kit is simple enough to navigate without adult help, but can also be a great way to work together and bond!
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6. Dash – Coding Robot, by Wonder Works

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot, Best Innovative Toys For Kids
The Dash robot is all about fostering open-ended learning. Another one of the best innovative toys for kids, it encourages problem-solving and creativity as kids learn to program and code to get the robot to do what they want. This is great for kids interested in innovation, STEM, and even architecture! It also syncs with Bluetooth.

The company also offers ‘Wonder League’ where you can connect and challenge other kids, as well as share ideas and grow. You
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7. Arts & Crafts for Kids, by IQ Builder

Arts & Crafts IQ Builder, Best Innovative Toys For Kids
This arts and crafts kit is geared towards girls, but in my opinion, can definitely be unisex. The kit has a variety of different designs that you can paint, color and even manipultate into 3D. Each of the color puzzles is meant to be fun as well as mentally-stimulating, too. The company also claims that coloring helps to promote relexation, which many studies have proved, especially for kids!
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These are our favorite innovative toys for kids.
Do you have other favorites that you’d recommend? Let us know!
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Featured Image Credit: TinkerLabs

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