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ways to help ease your child's anxiety

9 Ways To Ease Your Child’s Anxiety During COVID-19

Everything is different right now. That’s what I keep telling my boyfriend’s son as we struggle through our new daily routine. For kids, the Coronavirus comes with a lot of uncertainty, and if we’re not careful as parents to help them process this uncertainty — there’s anxiety, too.

Although it may seem that your child is coping or unconcerned with what’s happening right now, there may be feelings of fear under the surface. Here are a few simple, yet powerful ways to help ease your child’s anxiety during the quarantine. Read More

online learning

5 Tips For Parents Navigating Online Learning

We are living in uncertain times. There’s no questioning that. With jobs shifting to remote work and schools closing with no set re-open dates, families are faced with many obstacles—many they feel completely unprepared for. Suddenly, parents are asked to juggle supporting a household, creating daily routines, and providing an education. It’s overwhelming, and for some, downright scary. But for all the parents navigating online learning right now—please know you’re not alone. Read More