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mom and child playing online games for kids

4 Online Games For Kids To Explore This Season

The world of online gaming has honestly gotten a bad rap. From the craze of Fortnite and it’s impact on younger kids to debates about the safety of chat features on Roblox, there are undoubtedly some areas of the virtual world that are a little unsettling. But does that mean it’s all bad? Fortunately, no. There are many online games for kids that are safe, fun, and even educational!

If your child is already online and you’re looking for something positive to introduce him/her to, or if you’re exploring this world for the first time, here are a few games categories and suggestions to pique interest. Read More

happy family preparing for a big move

How To Prepare Your Child For A Big Move

So, you’ve decided to relocate. Congratulations! As exciting as this can be, moving can also be very stressful (for all people in the family). But for kids, relocating can be more stressful—mainly because the change can feel unexpected and trigger loss of normalcy (of friends, social life, school, etc.)—that adults don’t always experience in the same way.

To help prepare your child for a big move, here are a few tips: Read More

kid doing hands-on activities

5 Simple Activities To Do With Your Kids

Parent 101: Spend Time With Your Children. Of course this is something that every parent knows, but what does that actually look like, especially when our schedules are busy, we’re running around from one activity to another, and our kids may be growing up and less inclined to hang with their ‘uncool parents.’ Well, whether you’re out of ideas or just looking for a refresh, here are some easy activities to do with your kids. Read More