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5 Ways To Make Your Minimalist Home Feel Cozier

Minimalism is one of the more contemporary trends, but sometimes this design style can feel a little… well, basic. Plain or white colors, simple decor—for many, this is preferred—but for some, minimalism gives off the vibe that something is missing. But your home doesn’t have to boring! Whether you’re a huge fan of the less-is-more design or just dabbling for the first time, here are five ways to make your minimalist home feel cozier.  Read More

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Your Home May Have Risks (Here’s What You Can Do)

When it comes to safe places, most people would put their homes at the top of the list. Unfortunately, while our homes do offer some protection from the hazards of the outside world, they can also have dangers of their own. Depending on your home’s construction or even something as simple as your cleaning process, your home may have risks that could pose a very real threat to your family’s well-being.

Here’s what to look for (and what to change): Read More