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checklist for moving into a new home

10 Things To Do Before Moving Into A New Home

Moving into a new home can be both exciting and daunting. You have so many decisions to make, not only about the home you are selling (updates/renovations, changes, pricing, the moving out process and timeline, etc.) but also about the home you’re hoping to move into and how you can make it the place of your dreams. But, before you get too ahead of yourself,  it’s important to go take careful and rational steps.

Here is a ten-step checklist that will ensure you don’t forget anything as you start your life in your new place. Read More

girl super focused on schoolwork

4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Child’s Concentration

As both a teacher and bonus mama (and previous to that, a nanny for many years), I’ve learned that concentration and focus look different for every single child. For some children, the ability to sit still and listen comes naturally. For others, this is more of a challenge. Regardless of where your kiddo ‘fits,’ there are ways to improve your child’s concentration—and to do so naturally. Read More