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before adding a stepmom to the family

Single Dads: 5 Things To Know Before Adding A Stepmom To The Family

When starting a family, most people tend to glaze over the fact that 40%-50% of marriages end in divorce. A lot of times, that divorce can come after children are already brought into the picture. It’s definitely not out of the norm for kids to grow up in blended and split families, and everyone in the home—children, biological parent(s), stepmom, stepdad, etc.—has to adjust in their own way.

Being a single parent is not for the faint of heart. It’s double the work and double the worry, always wondering if you are really doing the best you can. Meeting someone who hits it off with your kids and falling in love with them can feel like hitting the jackpot. The problem with this scenario is that the chances of divorce are even higher in a blended family union. We’re talking 70%, here.

While it’s completely possible to have a happy family in this, it does come with some stress points that other families may not have to deal with. Read More

nurses share about their COVID-19 pregnancies

5 Nurses Share About Their COVID-19 Pregnancies

The virus has changed so much for us, hasn’t it? We’re continually inundated with negative media about how COVID-19 has impacted people’s lives, derailed our best-laid plans, canceled celebrations and vacations, and created a sense of disconnect from others. But what about the positives? At Stony Brook Hospital, five nurses found connection and hope amid the craziest of times in sharing about their COVID-19 pregnancies!

Here are quotes and encouragement from nurses who found they were all pregnant at the same time! Read More

tips for parents learning to homeschool

7 Tips To Make Homeschool (And Summer School) A Breeze

What does school look like in the wake of a pandemic? This is a question I’ve been asking myself (since March) as I’ve transitioned from being a mother figure to full-time homeschool teacher, to part-time teacher during remote summer school, to stressing about what’s to come as August rolls around.

This is the ongoing fear of all parents right now—what if homeschool is the new normal?

The scary part is, no one knows.

But as a teacher and determined mama, I’m not going to let my son struggle—regardless of whether he’s learning on campus or at home. (And I know many of you are with me on that one!) The good thing is, there are so many incredible resources out there to make homeschool and summer school a little less overwhelming.

Here are some tricks and handy templates to take a little of the stress away: Read More