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How Calming Paint Colors Can Impact Your Home & Children

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Are you aware of the power that color has on your home? You may realize (or think you realize) how important color is, but there is actual psychology behind how colors can impact your home and children.

Making your home into a colorful sanctuary can lower your stress levels, boost your mood, and even improve your overall well-being. The grounding, comforting effects of low-saturation shades contrast the feelings of stimulating, high-saturation shades. It’s all thanks to science-backed color theory

The Impact Of Color

With so much time spent indoors these days, there’s no time like the present to start repainting with a soothing color palette.

Choosing calming colors can be transformative for your home. You can even get the whole family involved and make it into a memorable project. Who knows, maybe changing the color of your walls will also be the catalyst for other home improvement projects!

Color Theory

Here’s a brief overview of color theory: all humans subconsciously interpret colors and their inherent psychological meanings similarly. When you pay attention to the different qualities of various color families, you can understand the patterns of color theory and their impact on the brain. This will help you see how colors can impact your home and children.

Utilizing your knowledge of color theory and give your home a more peaceful feel:

  • Purple: Authentic, spiritual, and regal.
  • Blue: Clarifying, refreshing, and soothing.
  • Gray: Comforting, peaceful, and reliable.
  • Beige/Brown: Warm, nurturing, and grounding.
  • Green: Uplifting, balancing, and reassuring.
  • Pink: Bright, elevating, and positive. 

Naturally, there are plenty of nuances to different shades, and some are more comforting than others. Peaceful colors don’t always need to be light shades, but they usually fall under the six color families above.

Meanwhile, highly saturated reds, oranges, and yellows are energizing and invigorating. Just like organizing your home helps you feel refreshed, so does repainting with the best possible mix of colors.

Changing Your Colors

If you’d like to see a guide on how to optimize your space for ultimate relaxation, check out this guide by HomeAdvisor on how to choose calming colors for your home. Then, you can start selecting furniture, home accents, and plants that complement your new zen vibe and updated color scheme.

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