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5 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Ideas Your Family Will Love

budget-friendly kitchen ideas

With summer in full swing, creating a family-friendly home space is of utmost importance to me. For us, in our first year or ‘official’ family life, I know my goal as a bonus mom is to create a place where my boyfriend’s son feels comfortable and excited to bring friends home. As silly as it sounds (but every parent knows it’s true!) a lot of that comfort comes from the most-used space in your house: the kitchen. 😂

Creating a kitchen that’s welcoming is important, but sometimes intimidating solely based on price, especially if you’re considering heavy home upgrades. But learning to be smart about what you invest in, and complimenting some expensive choices with other budget-friendly kitchen ideas can offset and make your redesign affordable and positive.

Here are some ways to totally redesign your kitchen (without breaking the bank):

1. Start with the paint.

One of the easiest ways to change and upgrade your kitchen space is to start with what will have the most impact, while being on the lower end of price: the paint. Whether your rent or own, you can use paint to shift the layout of your kitchen, the overall color scheme, and sometimes (with the right hue) even change the appearance of the size.

One tip for paint is to always consider the way light enters your kitchen. If you have a kitchen that gets direct exposure, you might want to think about lower or neutral hues: blues, greys, beiges, etc. If you’re more of a bold person/style, there’s the option to add a color that ‘pops’ for an accent. Either way, though, the direct light will impact the literal and physical temperature of the space, so it’s important to choose something that won’t be too much, but will still add the variation your kitchen needs.

*Tip: beyond painting your walls, there’s also the option to paint the cabinets, especially so they match. Having cabinets that either pick up the same hues as your walls or directly compliment offers a uniform scheme and cohesiveness for your kitchen! Plus, this DIY idea will save you tons of money.

2. Upgrade your countertops or kitchen sink.

Before you balk, choosing new countertops or a sink can be one of your budget-friendly kitchen ideas when you’re smart, do your research, and specifically intend for this to be your largest upgrade cost.

Think about it this way—your countertops and kitchen sink will be with you for the longest time. Both will be used every single day, and they will be the fundamental aspect that brings your kitchen together. If you have to spend money on something, spending it on the countertops or sink is worth it.

A great company for choosing granite countertops is Premier Surfaces. Available all across the U.S. this company can help you select and install the perfect design and style for your kitchen. (PS: If you live in Atlanta, they also use Slabsmith Perfect Match Technology to help you create 3D images of your kitchen with the countertops to see how it looks before you invest!) They also offer granite composite sinks which are extremely affordable. You get all the benefits without breaking your bank, which is a win-win!

Even though it might seem like a financial burden, think of this upgrade as an investment in your family’s future, home, entertainment area, and most-frequented space. If you have to spend money, this is the right thing to spend it on.

3. Use kitchen décor to pull it all together.

Kitchen décor is simple (and cheap!) but makes a huge impact. Plus, you only have to purchase a few pull-it-all-together items to add cohesiveness, so this definitely can be one of your budget-friendly kitchen ideas.

Let’s say you’ve painted and/or changed your color scheme. By adding a few things (centerpiece for the table, rug by the kitchen sink, curtains in the window, etc.) you totally shift the way the room looks without having to invest in anything drastic. Sometimes you can even bypass painting with your décor as it can add the color ‘pop’ or change you’re looking for simply by intentionally selecting colors and patterns that bring things together.

For example, a rug under the sink is great because it brings your designs from floor to ceiling and can be used to off-set or compliment colors you have on the walls, backsplash, granite, curtains, etc. It’s also comfortable for your feet, too!

4. Make your kitchen ‘yours.’

One of the most budget-friendly kitchen ideas, and perhaps the most overlooked (yet crucial in my opinion!) is making your kitchen YOURS.

You can change the paint, upgrade to granite countertops, and even shift the color scheme with some new décor. But your kitchen won’t feel like a home until you intentionally make it one.

What does your family care about? Is it inspirational quotes? We have a chalkboard in the corner by the sink where we write a quote to inspire us each week. Are you big on sports? Add a section on the fridge where you keep track of game times and upcoming local ballgames you want to attend. Do you have little artists in your family? Hang their pictures and drawings on the fridge.

[PS: Here are more cute ways to hang your child’s artwork!]

5. Involve your kids.

Another option for decorating is to add photos/art (and fun!) to your fridge. You can create custom magnets like these circular magnets from Zazzle that can have your family photos, sayings, etc. Or you can get these nifty magnetic photo sleeves and slide in your kid’s yearbook photos (what I’m currently in the process of doing, since Austin just *graduated* fourth grade at his K-4 school!).

However you decide to make your kitchen yours, you’ll notice that it really shifts a house space into a home. And whether you’re entertaining guests or just cozying up for a good meal with the ones you love, these budget-friendly kitchen ideas will help you upgrade and enjoy without stress.

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