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4 Mama-Friendly Sustainable Products To Put On Your Radar

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Being a mama comes with a lot of responsibility. Depending on your family or home situation you may be in charge of caring for people other than yourself, and with that comes finding items and products that will keep everyone happy, healthy, and safe.

When you’re looking to buy products for your home—whether for hygiene, sleeping, cleaning, or really anything that will be used on or around your body—finding items that are naturally-based, chemical free and sustainable are of utmost importance.

Here are some great sustainable products to put on your radar.

1. Fully Compostable Plant-Based Trash Bags

Repurpose Compostable Bags
When it comes to waste, there are many simple solutions we can take to reduce the negative impact on our environment. There’s recycling, of course, but beyond that, we can be smarter about what we’re throwing away and implement better garbage practices.

That’s why I love these Repurpose bags! Each 3-gallon bag is completely compostable and made from 100% plant-based ingredients. The bags meet ASTM 6400 standards and fully decompose so that there’s zero long-term impact on the environment. For families, this is such a small and essential way to support Mother Earth.

Here’s where you can purchase the Repurpose bags on Amazon.

2. These Eco-Friendly Sheets

Gryphon Bedding
Gryphon owns and operates all their manufacturing facilities. They’re involved in the process every step of the way – from farm to your doorstep – so rest assured you’re getting the best and most ethical, environmentally-friendly materials.

The company has made many efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and this shows. Their practices have helped to reduce water waste by up to 51.93 million gallons of water in the last ten years! Plus their bedding is comfortable and fits any home style and comfort level.

Here’s where you can check out Gryphon bedding on Amazon.

3. Collapsible Metal Straws

Collapsible Metal Straws
These stainless steel straws are all the rage because of how earth-friendly they are. As someone who lives by the beach, these have become staple items in my purse just because of my desire to remove plastic waste from the ocean.

Metal straws are great because they’re reusable, they don’t break down like paper counterparts, and they can be cleaned. This pack comes with four straws, carrying case, and cleaners (which is more than enough for your family to share!)

Here’s where you can order your metal straws on Amazon.

4. Reusable Produce Bags

Reusuable Produce Bags
Anything that’s reusable is always a plus. These produce bags are great because they can be used time and time again, as opposed to plastic bags that don’t break down (and are always stuffed in some corner of your house as soon as you get home).

California banned plastic bags already, so this has been a great alternative for our life. Made from 100% natural organic cotton mesh, these bags are washer-friendly, come in three different sizes and prevent any chemicals or dyes from getting into your food.

Here’s where you can get the produce bags on Amazon.

Do you have other products you’d recommend?

Feel free to comment below.

Featured Image Credit: Gryphon Home

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