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7 Simple Ways To Take The Stress Out of Cleaning

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Cleaning can be stressful, no matter how organized or intentional your family may try to be! In a busy week, it’s easy for chores to pile up when everyone has work, school, sports/activities, and other responsibilities. But you can take the stress out of cleaning with the right tools and habit changes.

Here are a few tips to help cleaning feel less overwhelming:

Use Products Properly

Like anything, you need the right products when cleaning your home. Bleach, bathroom sprays, and carpet cleaners are all common in a house these days. However, these are all hazardous and, if not used properly, can cause serious harm. Always read instructions carefully and wear protective gear such as a face mask, apron, and rubber gloves when using cleaners that may be toxic.

Alternatively, opt for natural cleaners that won’t damage your surfaces, skin, or lungs (especially if you have children or pets!) There are pet-safe cleaners out there, or other cleaners that are environmentally safe (EWG Verified™) as well.

Invest In A Good Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming is necessary for a clean home. Not only is there a constant stream of dust and debris cycling from the inside to the outside, but micro bugs and airborne contaminants come into your home and settle on your surfaces, carpets, and fabrics. Ew!

Your vacuum cleaner is a vital tool for getting rid of these. But not all vacuum cleaners are made equally, and you should get the best you can afford. Cheaper models aren’t likely to last long and will lose suction in less than a year. Cordless, bagless cleaners are recommended due to being both lightweight and powerful.

Aerate Your Home

Aerating your home is vital for your health. It can help remove certain types of microbes and dust, as well as hazardous substances such as mold and fungal spores. Additionally, if you smoke, vape, or cook strong-smelling foods, fresh air will remove almost all odors.

You can aerate your home naturally by opening your windows for about twenty minutes per day. Of course, this doesn’t always work based on temperature or location, so purchasing an air filtration system may be a good option.

Stop & Remove Mold

Moisture, unfortunately, is inevitable (especially in kitchen and bathrooms). So, it’s best to have a forward approach to preventing and removing mold in order to prevent health issues.

You can prevent mold by doing the following:

  • Wiping down all wet surfaces after use
  • Ventilating wet rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen
  • Applying mold sprays daily after using the shower
  • Checking for leaks and problem areas
  • Using a dryer or outside area to hang damp/wet clothes

It can become toxic and challenging to remove mold if you allow it to build up. In the worst scenarios, you may need to have a professional mold removal (which is expensive)! But, if you focus on preventatives, you can be sure to eliminate it from your space before it becomes an issue.

Prioritize Safety

Cleaning doesn’t have to be dangerous, but it can be if you’re not being smart. First, invest in products that are going to be non-toxic or be sure that your children aren’t around if you’re doing a deep-clean. Next, create safety measures for simple things: reaching to top shelves, slipping on wet floors, etc. 

Oftentimes, we’re so focused on getting the job done that we don’t think about potential hazards. Just be sure to consider your children before (and during!) cleaning so that there are no accidental issues or injuries. If you do happen to sustain an injury, you’ll want to connect with personal injury lawyer to protect yourself, your family, and any other people involved.

Designate Tasks

Cleaning is the most productive when everyone in the family works together. Depending on your child(rens)’ ages,  you can find simple tasks for them to do. For example, if they can’t quite wipe down their room surfaces, they can pick up items and put them in their proper places. Or, for younger kids, they can “fake clean” with toys as they watch your modeling of sweeping, dusting, or mopping.

It’s best to get your children involved early so that cleaning will become a natural part of their routine.

Develop a Routine

Speaking of routine, as with anything in life, a routine helps you plan for and stick to a set of rules and tasks. If you can make cleaning a part of your daily routine, it becomes second nature. For example, make the bed immediately after getting up rather than leaving it for later. Or, setting aside certain days for specific tasks.

When you get into a rhythm, and you don’t need to clean vigorously, it doesn’t take long at all.

Keeping your home clean can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! When you get everyone in the family involved and invested, everyone will have a responsibility and the job will get done quickly and effectively.

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