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Your Mid-Year Home Health Checkup: 5 Things You Don’t Want To Miss

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This has been an interesting year… hasn’t it?! From heat waves and high rain to record-setting illness statistics, you’ve been dealing with a lot of change and stress. And so has your home. But regardless of the elements (or the ongoing global pandemic), it’s time to do a mid-year home health checkup. 

Here are a few (often overlooked) things to take note of:

Mind The Exterior

A general check should be made around the exterior of your home for a variety of reasons.

First, check that any pavement, pavings, or flooring is clean of grime or dirt that, when caked on, can become slippery and dangerous. Otherwise, look to an arborist to ensure that you’re keeping any trees trimmed. You don’t want overgrown trees/bushes to become tangled with the wiring around your home.

Check The Electrical

Speaking of wiring, when is the last time you had an electrician give your home a proper once over!?

You can inspect for signs of trouble yourself by looking around the breakers and fuses for scorch marks, making sure that any outlet covers are well fasted, and testing outlets with something simple like a lamp. (However, it’s worth getting the pros out to check once in a while!)

Have An Expert Look At The HVAC Systems

You may have been stressing your AC this summer to cope with the heat… and your heating is going to be working just as hard to make sure the home is nice and cozy this winter, too. For this reason, it may be worth getting an HVAC specialist out for an annual home health checkup. A specialist can make sure there are no faults that could be costing your money by decreasing the energy efficiency of your systems. He or she will also share if/when you need a replacement.

Assess The Roof

Your roof is your protection. And let’s face it, if rain, wind, and cold can come through the roof… you might as well move outside! To avoid any issues, inspect the roof for any cracked, missing, or otherwise damaged roof tiles.

It’s worth checking the gutters around the roof’s edges, too, to make sure that they’re not clogged. If they are, they can cause water to build up and start leaking into the house.

Test Windows & Doors

If you’re looking to improve your home, don’t forget to check the seals around the home! Particularly, you want to look at the doors and windows, feeling around the edge (or using a piece of paper) to detect any drafts on a windy day. Weather-stripping any parts of the home that are a little drafty is easy enough, but you may want to consider more efficient replacements.

Your home health checkup doesn’t have to be crazy, but it should be done at least by mid-year. Now is the perfect time to prepare your home for the ‘back-to-school’ vibe and make sure that you’re avoiding as many issues as you possibly can!

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