How To Create A Healthier Home

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Health is everything, especially on the heels of a global pandemic that has shifted so many of our conversations about wellness, self-love, and safety. As a parent, you are the catalyst for change and it is your responsibility to create a healthier home for yourself and your family.

From thinking carefully about the products and the practices that you bring into your home, to ditching toxins and improving your diet, here are five small changes you can make right now.

1 . Remove The Toxins

To create a healthier space for your family, first, you should remove the toxins from your home. Start by replacing your conventional cleaning products with plant-based alternatives. There are lots of earth-kind cleaning brands to try including Ecover, Puracy, or Better Life.

Next, take a look at your personal care products. You can use the ‘Think Dirty’ app to check which products contain toxic ingredients. If you’re thinking about repainting/redecorating, be sure to use eco-paint as opposed to paint that contains VOCs. If you need a pest control solution, choose a natural product instead of a chemical-based one.

2. Start A Vegetable Garden

Starting a vegetable garden is a super wholesome practice. When you grow your own vegetables, you can teach your children about nutrition and help to improve your family’s diet. Research studies from Children & Nature showed that kids were more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables if they’d been involved in the growing processes.

Gardening is also a way you can make your outdoor space more kid-friendly! If you involve your child in the planning and planting, he or she will have ownership of the end result (and have fun, too!).

Growing your own food allows you to avoid chemical-based pesticides, and gives you the option of bringing more organic materials into your home. Gardening can also support mental health and fitness, too, as you’re always moving.

3. Purify The Air

Research from the EPA shares: “Americans, on average, spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors where the concentrations of some pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations.” To avoid indoor air pollution, you can buy an air purifier and fill your home with indoor plants.

Our indoor air can become polluted due to many sources, whether it’s wood, gas, or kerosene. Pollution can also occur due to insulation that contains asbestos. Pollution caused by asbestos is incredibly concerning because it can cause mesothelioma.

PS: If your family has been affected by this, you may need to find a lawyer that specializes in mesothelioma.

4. Adopt Green habits

To create a healthier home, focus on green and earth-friendly habits. There are plenty of ways that you can go green around the house:

  • Shop for earth-friendly materials
  • Prioritize biodegradable or reusable packaging
  • Teach your children about using less
  • Switch off the TV and get outside
  • Recycle everything, and upcycle to make new things
  • Buy second-hand items instead of always new

 5. Focus on De-Cluttering

A cluttered home can make it hard to relax and unwind. To create a healthy and clean space, get rid of the items that you no longer need. You can sell these items or give them to a charity store. Once the clutter is gone, you’ll have more space for you and your kids to enjoy. Adopting mindful shopping habits will also help you to remain clutter-free.

Creating a healthier home involves many different steps and practices. Focusing on family wellness is the key to improving your home. And remember, to teach your kids healthy values, it’s important to set the right example.

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