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4 Tips For Making Your Outdoor Space More Kid-Friendly

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When it comes to making a house a home, there are quite a few factors involved: customizing the layout, redesigning rooms so that they are conducive to work and play, and, of course, making areas like your outdoor space more kid-friendly.

Anyone who has kids knows that without intention around different sections of your home… you’re apt to get yourself and your loved ones into some danger. The good news is, as long as you think about designing ahead of time, there are ways you can make a space safe without losing its sophisticated, adult-like charm.

Pay Attention To & Remove Any Potential Toxins

As adults, you don’t always consider the dangers that come from certain plants, especially because we’re old enough to know not to put random, outdoor things in our mouths. Kids, not so much. One way to remove additional stress around potential toxins is to pay attention to them from the start (and remove them before you let your children play).

The same thing can be said for dogs and other pets, as some plants can be toxic to them, too. It’s worth considering what you’re placing in your garden and if these plants are poisonous, then create a chickenwire fence, safety enclosure, or perhaps wait until your creatures and tiny humans are old enough to be safe.

Cover Over Areas That Contain Shallow To Deep Water

Water can be very dangerous, no matter how deep or how shallow it is. Even smaller ponds can cause accidents if a child becomes panicked or lands face-down. Rather than leaving these openings exposed, you cover water areas with netting or something that won’t allow your children or pets to get into it.

Get Some Outdoor Play Equipment

Outdoor play is so important for developing children! If you have the budget for it, invest in some play equipment so that your children can stay active within eyesight. Rather than always having to go to the park, you can get a swingset or even slide and create fun memories in your backyard. If you have older children, consider buying some of their favorite sports equipment or designating an area of the yard for their practice (like a batting cage or soccer net, for example).

Consider Artificial Grass

As beautiful as natural grass can be, it can sometimes be a pain to maintain, especially depending on where you live and the climate or price of water. If you do have your own lawn, it may be advantageous to invest in a bud trimming machine or simple garden tools to have more of a ‘DIY’ yard instead of hiring others to do the work for you.

If you’re really looking to make outdoor space more kid-friendly, you may want to think about artificial grass. Although this is a bit pricey, it can save you time, money, and effort in the long run. Plus, it can make your life way easier when it comes to children and pets. Just make sure your furry friend doesn’t go to the bathroom on it!

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