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4 Ways You’re (Unintentionally) Making Your Home Less Comfortable

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Your home should be your safe space, your haven, and maybe even your favorite place on earth. If it’s not, then honestly, it’s up to you to make changes (for your happiness and the happiness of your family). Beyond the basics—having a roof over your head and food in the fridge—there are little ways you can make your house feel like a home. Making upgrades, adding personalization, and prioritizing your family’s needs and desires are a few. But just as there are improvements there are also ways you’re unintentionally making your home less comfortable.

From a lack of cleaning to temperature fluctuations, here are a few things you’re doing (probably without even realizing!) that can change how you feel in your space.

You’re Ignoring Dust and Dirt

Okay, let’s be real. No one has time to deep clean the house every week. But, sometimes you need to more than a general *tidying up* if you want your space to look and feel good. Underlying dirt issues can cause a myriad of problems.

Dust and dirt can seep into all places and, if just left there, can begin to cause serious health issues.

Commit to a cleaning schedule and involve your family in the process. Set days for specific tasks rather than letting everything pile up at once. Another option (if your budget allows) is to hire a cleaner to do the job for you — they’ll clean those hard to reach spots that you often overlook. You’ll also find that outsourcing this task might help you to put energy and attention elsewhere (which is actually worth every penny!)

You’re Content with Clutter

You may think you’re fine with a little clutter here and there, but to be honest, just as you can’t relax your mind if your head is cluttered with thoughts… you can’t relax your body if your physical surroundings are cluttered with belongings.

Take the time to organize your space so that everything can be clear and spacious. This sounds like something that wouldn’t be such a big issue, but it is. There are plenty of smart storage solutions that you can incorporate into your home, or you simply get rid of some of your belongings by donating or focusing on minimizing your space. 

You Aren’t Stabilizing the Temperature 

It’s not just what we see that influences how we feel. What we feel also has an impact.

A home can be beautiful, but if you’re too hot or too cold while you’re there, then it’ll be pretty difficult to fully unwind. Fortunately, this is something within your power to change. It could be that your HVAC system just needs looking at, or that you need to prevent the hot/cold air from leaving your property. Much of this comes down to old windows, so look up ‘window replacement near me’ to get new ones or price out upgrade options. When your house is at a regulated temperature, you’ll find you enjoy being at home much more!

You’re Neglecting Minor Imperfections 

No home is perfect. However, it’s a good idea to at least try to make your home as perfect as possible (especially if you have a family). While minor imperfections are just that—minor imperfections—too many can cause both the quality and comfort of your home to go down.

Not only is this important for your family in the day-to-day, but it’s also important to consider if you’re planning to sell your home in the future. So, don’t get lazy! Prioritize and complete the small jobs and hire a handyman to work on the rest.

PS: If you’re looking for other suggestions and tips for your home, head to our home improvement page.

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