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4 Easy Tips For Cleaning Your Child’s Nursery

happy baby in the nursery

Things can become a little chaotic with so much going on in and out of the nursery. Now’s the best time to test out new cleaning solutions and develop better organizational methods! Here are some easy ways to clean your child’s nursery.

Declutter the Room

First things first—you need to declutter the room. There’s nothing fun about messy, overcrowded rooms. Even if you haven’t gotten around to straightening it up, make today the day you start to clean as you take care of the baby. One way to do this is to throw dirty clothes into the hamper right away when changing your child.

Additionally, move your baby out of the room to organize the changing table, fold blankets, and take clothes out of the closet or drawers that no longer fit them and aren’t in season. Consider saving or donating smaller clothes and storing the things you’re keeping.

Deep Clean the Area

The next thing to do is clean the room. Sweeping isn’t the only thing you need to do; you also need to clean your baby’s changing tray and vacuum and mop the floors. A spotless space is a happier place for mom and baby.

Start by gathering the rugs and washing them separately from your clothes. Wash all blankets, stuffed animals, and outfits with mild soap. Always read the back of bottles to understand what ingredients are inside.

Create Non-Toxic Products

Many products contain ingredients you never knew were there. So to help make cleaning better and eco-friendly, try making your own products.

Start by wiping windows and furniture down with a simple vinegar and water mixture with a hint of lemon for fragrance. Ensure that you store the items in a safe, dark place if you use juice from fruit or essential oils.

Improve Your Storage Methods

Storage is a must at home, and even the nursery needs improvement from time to time. Instead of using the same techniques you’ve used forever, throw in something different to make cleaning more fun.

The best way to tackle a closet is to place it in storage bins to sort other things like bows, extra wipes, diapers, etc. Try using a waterfall hanger to condense the closet. Hang onesies on the hanger, or go by season.

Learning how to keep the nursery clean this spring helps improves your organization routine around the house. Keep thinking of new ways to improve your cleaning game, and you’ll start to see a massive improvement in the cleanliness of your home by the end of the day.