6 Mom-Friendly Carry-On Bags

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When it comes to finding convenient, mom-friendly carry-on bags, there are a few factors to consider: price, quality, style, and whether you’re traveling solo or with the kiddos in tow.

Carry-on bags are classified in a few different ways. There are soft bags (like duffels), and hard-sides (i.e. roller bags). There are the bags with wheels (two-wheel or four), collapsible bags, and backpacks if you’d rather shrink down your stuff while reducing the strain on your back.

For the traveling mama, here are our best recommendations:

1. Away Carry-On

Away carry-on bag
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This minimalist bag is one of the trendiest and most mom-friendly carry-on bags on the market. It comes in a variety of pastel colors to match your mood and has 360-degree spinning wheels. On the rear side, there’s an ejectable battery and USB port, too, for charging on the go.

It’s a simple, no-fuss bag that still gives you the option to stand out.

2. The Travelpro Crew 11

Travelpro carry-on bag
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A classic bag, this brand is preferred by flight attendants and travelers alike. It has 360-degree spinning wheels and 50 liters of interior volume. The exterior is medium weight, meaning it’s not super soft, but not too hard either.

In the rear, there is a USB port for charging, plus a collapsible handle. It comes in classic black for a ‘sophisticated mama’ look. 😜

3. Genius Pack G3

Genius carry-on bag
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For the mom who prefers organization, this Genus Pack bag is a game-changer.

The interior has labeled pockets, plus sections to help you pack. There’s an air valve within the body that compresses your clothes, too, so that you take up less space (aka have room to store more). The outside has 360-degree wheels, compartments for water bottle and travel documents, and an USB power bank.

This carry-on is fool-proof for keeping everything in order.

4. Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350

PacSafe Carry-On bag
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For a no-BS carry-on backpack, this Pacsafe Metrosafe is a great option. It’s compact and light, but it still holds up to 15 liters. There’s an interior laptop sleve, plus RFID-safe wallet clip and pockets.

It comes in three colors: navy, black, and khaki.

5. Oflamn Duffel Bag

Oflamn Duffel carry-on
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One of the best mom-friendly carry-on bags is this Oflamn large duffel. It’s 21 inches long, with pockets along the interior for different items and a side shoe pocket to keep your potentially dirty shoes (or kid shoes) from ruining your other clothing items.

The bag is made with synthetic, durable leather with thick straps. It also comes with a free 8-inch by 5.5-inch toiletry bag, too!

6. Jins & Vinco Travel Backpack

Jins & Vinco travel backpack
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On the slightly smaller side, this Jins & Vinco travel backpack measures 15 inches tall by 10 inches wide and 7 inches tall. It has a main compartment (that fits a laptop), plus three inner pockets, and outer pockets—one of which can hold a water bottle or tumbler.

The backpack is made from durable polyester and it has double-reinforced zippers for extra strength. It comes in three colors: pink, grey, and black.

For More Mom-Friendly Carry-On Bags:

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