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Why A Lawn Is Great For Families With Kids

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If you have children, a lawn becomes much more than a space to elevate your home. It becomes a play area, a safe haven, and a space where memories are made. While it may seem silly to think about reasons to have a lawn or ways to improve it, when you keep in mind how much time is spent playing in this area, there becomes a bit of urgency. 

It’s not just about the looks; your lawn brings your family together.

Whether you have a lawn or you’re hoping to move to a home that has one, here are a few reasons why lawns are actually super beneficial to families with children (and how you can make the most of this area).

1. Green Spaces Reduce Stress

Research over the last few years shows us just how vital having access to green space is! If you don’t have a lawn (yet), try to create your own green space(s) with a small garden or even a patio corner for greenery. You’ll be surprised how much value this adds for your family!

Back in 2002, The University of California researched how grass can help recovery in hospitals. This was groundbreaking research because it showed just how important nature (grass, lawns, florals, greenery, etc.) can be for people’s stress levels, balance, and even recovery. The concepts can apply for people’s homes, too. You don’t need to be in a hospital to focus on you and your family’s wellness!

2. A Well-Kept Lawn Adds Appeal 

Green spaces and lawns can increase the visual appeal of your home, and if it is on the front, this space adds to the area’s appeal in general. In fact, some statistics show that homes are likely to increase 11.3% on the base price if there’s a well-kept lawn! Even if you are not selling any time soon, you deserve the same beautiful appeal. And your children deserve a beautiful place to play, create, and move around.

3. Lawns Improve Overall Air Quality 

Since grass is living and breathing, it sucks up carbon dioxide and increases oxygen in the area. Even a small area of grass will benefit you and potentially the area around you, too! Grass can also function as a pollution-filter. For example, in the Chesapeake Bay in 2013, an expert panel looked at grass’s potential to act as a pollution filter. The average soccer field can soak up about 50,000 gallons of water before runoff occurs, reducing the pollution runoff into rivers and creeks!

4. Lawns Are Safe Spaces 

Lawns are safe spaces for your home, especially if you have children. The ability to be outside and in nature is unmatched, and when you have access to that on your private property – that’s even better! Your yard can be the area to play in, where you watch your children explore their boundaries while still being safe, and it can even be a place where you pick up a therapeutic hobby (tending, gardening, and growing).

Whether you’re considering an update and looking at places like Big League Lawns to help you create the yard of your dreams, or you’re daydreaming about your future yard space, bringing a lawn to your home can only add value.

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