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Technology For An Easier Holiday Season

happy family playing with technology during the holidays

While you pile the latest toys, gadgets, and other items under the tree for your children this year, take a second to think about what it is you want for the holidays. Parents might not be asked this question very often, but it’s worth considering. Especially this year — given how difficult 2020 (and quarantine) has been for everyone.

For many parents, what they want for Christmas might not fit under the tree. In fact, it might not be a tangible item at all. Time to make precious memories with your loved ones can’t be wrapped, but are so important for families across the nation this year. Because what parent doesn’t want extra time with their little ones?

Time-Saving Smart Home Devices

The gift of time can’t be wrapped. However, there are many items that can help parents get chores done faster so they can spend more time with their families. Many smart home devices catered to parent’s needs have hit the market in recent years, with reasonable price points to match.

Make cooking and cleaning a breeze in your kitchen this holiday season with the gift of a robot vacuum cleaner. With remote controls, you can easily ask your friendly helper to zoom around the kitchen to pick up any crumbs you’ve made while cooking the holiday feast. This is especially helpful if you have kids or dogs that love to eat anything dropped on the floor! And it takes the work off your plate while keeping your home sparkling clean (more on how to keep your floor clean here).

Other time-saving devices you can bring into the kitchen include smart appliances that can order grocery staples for you and smart speakers to make sure all your Christmas dishes get cooked to perfection. By decking out your home with technology this year, you can ensure every holiday season moving forward is that much easier.

Holiday Safety is a Must

Another gift that many parents won’t outright ask for (but will always appreciate) is the gift of safety. After all, nothing ruins a great holiday like a decorating or cooking injury! Luckily, smart home technology is standing at the ready to help prevent accidents from occurring in the first place.

Did you know that there are at least 200 decor-related holiday injuries every day during the holiday season? Or that Christmas trees start an average of 160 house fires every year? You can help reduce your family’s chance of becoming a statistic by installing many preventative tech throughout your home before the holiday season even starts (or afterwards to prep for next year).

Smart home devices that increase your safety include smart thermostats to turn off your HVAC system at the first sign of smoke, tree nannies to prevent a fire from occurring in your Christmas tree and outdoor smart plugs to turn your decor off automatically every night. These devices not only make it easier to enjoy the season at home, but can help give you peace of mind if you’re traveling for the holidays as well!

Interested in improving your holiday season? Check out all the time-saving smart home tech recommendations from the team at Hippo in the infographic below, and happy holidays!

Holiday tech infographic