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19 Fun Things To Do With Kids During Quarantine

fun things to do with kids during COVID-19

There’s no doubt that these times are different and strange. I see post after post about the Coronavirus and to be honest, I’m overwhelmed. Sometimes I’m just inundated with information and news about all the negative things — it makes me feel hopeless.

And figuring out how to package that information in a way that my son can understand? That feels impossible.

But what if we took this opportunity (as much as we feasibly can) and made the most of it? What if we found fun things to do during the quarantine and made the days spent at home memorable? I know that every family and family situation is different, but perhaps these ideas can spark some inspiration.

After all, you don’t need much to make something special. You just need love.

1. Create a Cardboard Box Fort

I was on a Bible study Zoom call with some close girlfriends and the boys made this creation! Honestly, there are so many different ways you can make a cardboard box fort! All you need is boxes, scissors or min-saw (with parent supervision), zip ties or duct tape, hot glue, and patience.

2. Do Some Coronavirus Coloring

If you have younger children, this Coronavirus Coloring Packet is a great way to teach them about the virus (without it being too scary). This can also be a fun way to keep kids engaged in creative play or an art activity for school at home.

3. Virtually Visit a Local Zoo

Watch Beluga Whales Live During Coronavirus
Did you know that you can watch the beluga whales from the Georgia Aquarium, the sea otters in Monterey Bay, or the daily Facebook livestreams from the Cincinnati Zoo?

It’s been all the rage in our house. Whenever we need a break from the routine, I’ll say, “I wonder what the whales are up to?” and it’ll completely refocus our attention to something else.

4. Look Through Old Photo Albums

Over the past few weeks, Austin has asked me about my childhood too many times to count. I think he’s taking stock of this moment in history and trying to understand what will be memorable for him, as it was when I was young.

One idea of fun things to do with kids during quarantine is to take time to go through old photo albums. Recount moments from when you were the same age, or reflect on embarrassing moments or silly clothes you wore! Show your child some of your favorite toys or favorite hideouts. Making those connections will help your child see the world through your eyes, which will be very memorable for them!

5. Create a Recipe (& Do Math)

kid-friendly recipes
Recipes are fun, but they can also be used as learning tools for kids, too! When you decide on a recipe, have your child measure out different ingredients. They can work on adding or subtracting fractions, or even multiplying in doubling a recipe!

These were homemade, almond flour blueberry muffins! We made them in my silicone heart-shaped pans!

6. Make an Indoor Herb Garden

create an indoor garden during quarantine
Of course you can always make an outdoor garden, too! But if that’s not feasible, this indoor AeroGarden is fully sustainable. All you need is to refill the water and food when the light goes on. They’re basically stress-free, but produce all kinds of fresh herbs: basil, mint, thyme, etc.

PS: For other kid-friendly plants, check this out!

7. Tour a Museum

Tour the Louvre Museum During Coronavirus
If you’re looking for fun things to do with kids during quarantine that can be educational, too, take advantage of all the virtual tours available online!

For example, you can visit the Louvre and walk through exhibits!

8. Participate in Random Acts of Kindness

This little girl, a patient at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, died days before what would have been her eighth birthday on April 8, 2014. Her parents have started an ‘8 Random Acts of Kindness’ campaign to promote good deeds in her honor. And you can encourage your family to take part in it!

9. Have an Indoor Picnic

Nothing makes a ‘Stay At Home’ order as fun as doing picnics, breakfast-in-bed, and other fun out-of-the-norm activities. You can create your own ‘outdoor experience’ by opening windows, playing an outdoor soundtrack, and even getting dressed for the occasion!

PS: If you’re looking for an adorable picnic basket, check this one out!

10. Make Fun Family Videos

TikTok and Firework are all the rage right now, and for good reason! Making videos and goofy clips on technology can bring families together! It’s also a great way to connect over contemporary apps, rather than fighting your kids to stay off of them.

Here’s a silly one my family did when my sister was in town (right before the quarantine!)

11. Create Cards for Patients

kid-friendly activities during pandemic
A meaningful way to teach your child about the Coronavirus is to encourage him or her to participate in supporting healthcare workers by making handmade cards!

12. Do Some Board Games or Puzzles

best games to play during quarantine
Don’t underestimate board games and puzzles! These can be sneaky ways to develop your child’s fine motor skills and concentration. Although there are so many good classic games, here are a few I recommend that many don’t know about: Ice Cool and Chick-A-Pig.

PS: You can see other games right here!

13. *Travel”* to Worldwide Destinations

visit the African plains during quarantine
From the comfort of your couch you can check out this virtual tour of the Great Wall Of China or see live animals in the African wildlife cam.

If you’re into hiking, you can take a tour of Acadia National Park, or even check out the glaciers! Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, take a virtual glider around the world!

14. Participate in a Quarantine-Friendly Parade

quarantine-friendly parade
Schools and communities around the country are participating in ‘quarantine-friendly’ parades, where people can drive in cars to keep social distance from one another. Here’s a wonderful social-distance-friendly parade for a St. Jude’s patient who finished her chemo treatment!

15. Develop Connection Through Screens

Screentime can sometimes get a bad rap. These college kids worked together to create this compelling video singing and performing music together! Despite the distance, we are still connected and can create beautiful things.

16. Do In-Home Science Experiments

Science Experiments To Do During Quarantine
During quarantine, add science to your home-based curriculum with this crystal growing kit or this snap circuits set!

You can even do virtual science lessons with Bill Nye himself!

17. Listen to a Kid-Friendly Podcast

kid-friendly podcasts
Podcasts aren’t just for adults! There are tons of kid-friendly tracks, like this ‘But Why?‘ series that helps answer questions for curious kiddos.

18. Try Kid’s Yoga

When kids are home from school, it might be hard to get them excited about physical activity. But what if it was fun? There are so many options for fun and kid-friendly workouts. For example, they can try virtual kid’s yoga!

PS: You can find a few options for exercise and mindfulness right here!

19. Watch a Live Book Reading

As a licensed teacher, I’m passionate about helping students (especially during distance learning!). I’ve created an online channel for teaching House On Mango Street, and I have plans to add more literature, too!

You can also check out other live book readings, like this one from Oxford all over YouTube!

Other Fun Things to Do With Kids During Quarantine

We are constantly updating our Instagram page with tips and ideas for getting through COVID-19. We also have resources at tips on our blog. If you have ideas or something you’d like to contribute, just leave a comment or send us an email. We’d be happy to hear from you! In the meantime, stay healthy, safe, and social-distanced! ❤️

Featured Image Credit: Hannah Tasker

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