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Mom Hack: How To Clean Your Hardwood Floor

how to clean your hardwood at home

Hey busy mama, we get it! In the day-to-day, it probably feels impossible to keep track of your child’s school assignments, your work projects, meal times, cleaning… the list goes on! But, unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to keep your house neat and tidy, dirt and mess are bound to happy. And if you have hardwood, you need to learn how to clean your hardwood floor (the right way).

Here are some tried-and-true options to consider:

Hardwood floor wax

Lundmark Wax Wood Floor Cleaner:

This product is not only a great floor cleaner for homes, but it is extremely reasonable in price. The value for money is a guarantee! I have only read positive reviews about this product which is, of course, a great sign. Not only does it make your floor’s surface look brand new but it also provides a coating which will protect your floor from both cracking as well as splitting. 

Liquid Floor Wax:

This contemporary wax is great for a traditional clean-and-waxed look. Individuals love this product because it is fast and easy to use, so it won’t take you much time to clean your hardwood floor. You can easily apply this product with any method that suits you best. (I would recommend a mop because this is generally the easiest way to clean.) The liquid wax will dry within thirty minutes so you don’t need to worry about staying out of the room(s) for a while. If you’re looking for the best product for cleaning hardwood flooring, then liquid floor wax is certainly one of them.

Hardwood floor polish

Arm & Hammer Org Glo Floor Polish:

This product is one of the cheapest floor cleaning products out there; nevertheless, this certainly does not mean that its quality is diminished. In fact, Arm & Hammer Org Glo Floor Polish largely boasts a five-star rating by thousands of customers all across the internet.

You can clean your hardwood floor in literally no time, as all this product takes is one mere quick wipe. In fact, it not only cleans, but it shines and protects your floor all in one. This cheap price is not only saving you money but the multi-capabilities of this product is as well.

Bona Hardwood Floor Polish High Gloss:

Just like the previous product, this is another cleaner that boasts not only a cheap price tag but a great rating all across the internet. In fact, similar to Arm & Hammer Org Glo Floor Polish it has mostly five-star ratings! If you want to clean your hardwood floor due to it looking dull and old, then this is the perfect product as it restores that new shine that you are craving. In fact, it even aids scratches and practically makes them disappear.

You also don’t need to worry about any pesky residue that other products so often leave behind.


What are your thoughts? Do you have products to recommend? Share with us!
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