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Mom’s Night Out: 3 Must-See San Diego Halloween Haunts

must-see San Diego Halloween haunts

Happy (almost) Halloween! I don’t know about you, but I love Halloween. In fact, it’s shamelessly one of my favorite holidays. There’s something about dressing up, getting out of character, sneaking candy from the kiddos that brings me to life. 😂

But in the craziness of October, sometimes I forget to prioritize ‘adult’ things. You know what I mean? Rushing to get candy for trick-or-treaters, grabbing costumes for the kids, attending all the school functions, taking pictures of everything, etc., I neglect the things that I actually want to do. Like get absolutely terrified at a haunted house, for example.

This week my boyfriend and I took some time for ourselves and headed over to The Disturbance. (Spoiler alert: I screamed. A lot.) If you’re a San Diego local, or even just visiting, this three-part scare is definitely one of the best San Diego Halloween haunts for your next mom’s night out.

One of the Best San Diego Halloween Haunts: The Disturbance

San Diego is known for having some of the best haunted house attractions. The newly-relocated ‘Disturbance’ is one of the top. What used to be the ‘Haunted Hotel’ in San Diego’s Gaslamp has now moved to Mission Valley. In the heart of the Westfield Mall’s parking lot (near Target), there’s tons of free parking and right off the I-8, it’s super easy to get to.

This brand new haunt has three different parts: Kill-Billy Chaos, 3D Freak Fest, and the new Haunted Hotel. It runs from October 6 to November 2.

1. Kill-Billy Chaos

This haunt brings you to the backwoods of the Ozarks where hillbillies-turned-‘kill’-billies are inbred, insane, and ready to eat you for dinner. As you weave through the maze there are life-size body bags, dismembered human parts on tables, and terrifying faces at every turn.

This isn’t for the faint of heart.

2. 3D Freak Fest

If you haven’t experienced a haunt in 3D, then you’re in for a real treat.

Before entering this maze, you’re given glasses that make all the inside vibrant graffiti and art pop. Plus, with the mix of scary clowns running around and strobe lights making it difficult to see which way you’re going, The black lights, fog, and loud bangs will have you spinning in circles.

If mazes give you a thrill, then this is definitely a haunt you want to experience.

3. The Haunted Hotel

Formerly in the Gaslamp, the Haunted Hotel has been disturbed in more ways than one. As the story goes, all the zombies are now angry and aggressive after being relocated. As you enter the hotel, you get into a hell-evator and see zombies imprisoned in different rooms. The boiler room, luggage room, killer kitchen, bloody bathroom—even a chainsaw bridal suite will have you running and screaming!

Definitely the highlight point of the 3-part fest, and probably the one you’ll want to see first!

The Disturbance runs until November 2—so it’s not too late to head over there! The event is not suitable for children under the age of ten. Pregnant mamas or those with heart conditions are not admitted. If you want to buy tickets, call (619) 696-SCARE (7227) or visit

Featured Image Credit: Max Bender

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