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The Lazy Mom’s Guide To Healthy, Effortless Skincare

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When it comes to makeup, I fall on two completely opposite sides of the spectrum.

I’m either lipstick, eyeliner, blush, ready for a dinner date or night on the town. Or I’m doing a few quick flicks of mascara as I run out the door. For me, there’s no in-between, and I’d venture to guess it’s pretty similar for the other busy mamas out there. And there’s no shame in that!

Whether you’re a makeup connoisseur or smudge-on-eyeliner-in-traffic-via-the-rearview mirror kind of gal, every mom has her own routine (or attempt at a routine).

In the rush of the day-to-day though, sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to take care of your skin as much as you’d like. That’s why finding new ideas and smart, cost-effective products can make all the difference in your skincare regimen.

Regardless of what you currently do (or don’t do 😬) for your skin, here’s the lazy mom’s guide to skincare (aka what you need to do for your skin without all the hassle and overpriced products).

Wipe that makeup off (no matter what).

Girl, you really need to wash your face! Contrary to what you may think, not washing your face can lead to a rise in breakouts and oil production. Cleaning your face removes your makeup, dirt, dead skin cells, natural face oil, and other debris that collects on your face throughout the day.

Even if you’re exhausted and just want to jump into bed without getting that eyeliner or face makeup off, force yourself to. Your skin will thank you.

PS: If you’re not really a ‘washing’ type of person, opt for some all-natural makeup removing wipes. These Neutrogena wipes are no-BS wipes that clean thoroughly without rubbing or irritating your skin.

Opt for products that serve more than one purpose

When you’re a busy woman, nothing is better than finding products that do more than one thing. Whether it’s a face mask that doubles as a day moisturizer or a wash that’s an exfoliator as well, having 2-in-1 products is a lifesaver for those rushed mornings or late nights.

This TLC Sukari Babyfacial has exfoliants: glycolic, tartaric, lactic, and citric acid. But it also has soothing ingredients like matcha, and milk thistle to hydrate and calm the skin. This pack comes with both the facial and face moisturizer.

Always, always use SPF

We just don’t hear enough warnings about the sun and our skin. As a Southern California resident, I’ve become extremely aware of just how fragile my skin can be with sunny days—and it’s important for anyone (regardless of geographical location!) to keep this in mind.

It doesn’t have to be 80 degrees and sunny for your skin to incur sun damage.

Whether you’re applying a light dusting of sunscreen, or putting on products that have SPF built in, this is the best way to prevent your skin from early aging, sun spots, or dark marks.

This COOLA organic sunscreen is great for both mamas and their kids! It’s lightweight, non-greasy and made with natural ingredients that won’t clog your pores.

I’m also a huge fan of Derma-E. This is an all-natural, GMO-free, non-toxic powder that can easily be applied to your face for additional sun protection. It works well with or without makeup and doesn’t leave any residue or shine on your face—an effortless, flawless barrier against the rays!

Use a spray bottle for your toner

This simple tip is a game-changer if you’re someone who uses toner regularly. Rather than wasting copious amounts of cotton balls, having your toner in a spray bottle will help you get a more even spread on your face, plus reduce waste!

Let your mask do the work for you

Face masks are the perfect solution for the lazy mom. Rather than worrying about washing, moisturizing, and prepping your face with lotions and creams, some masks do all the work for you. My current favorite is the Detox Diva by Maskeraide. It gently cleans, exfoliates, and moisturizes your skin. Plus, being a mask sheet it isn’t as adhesive as a peel-off mask, so there’s less damage to your skin.

Eliminate steps and routines that don’t work for you

Don’t get sucked into the ‘detox’ and step by step instructions that some brands advertise. Advertising is great in terms of reminding us to prioritize our own bodies! But it can also suck us into overpriced products that we don’t have time for. You know your body and your skin better than anyone else. Don’t be afraid to say yes to what you like, and no to what you don’t.

Also know that your skin is always changing. Influxes of hormones, your time of the month, menopause, etc. At times your skin will be clear; other times it will be oily and facing major breakouts. Everything flexes, so be patient with yourself (and your skin!) as you find your unique routine.

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