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5 Nurses Share About Their COVID-19 Pregnancies

nurses share about their COVID-19 pregnancies

The virus has changed so much for us, hasn’t it? We’re continually inundated with negative media about how COVID-19 has impacted people’s lives, derailed our best-laid plans, canceled celebrations and vacations, and created a sense of disconnect from others. But what about the positives? At Stony Brook Hospital, five nurses found connection and hope amid the craziest of times in sharing about their COVID-19 pregnancies!

Here are quotes and encouragement from nurses who found they were all pregnant at the same time!

1. “Even though things are not normal, we can still celebrate joyful things.”

celebrate joyful things
Elena Lecrichia, 29 of Smithtown, just delivered her first baby! She’s been a nurse for seven years and spent the last two years as a labor and delivery nurse with Stony Brook. “I always wanted to help support moms and babies,” she says, when asked about her position at the hospital, “I like being there for moms during labor and being a support person through it all.

About Her Pregnancy: “All of us had to either cancel or have a virtual baby shower. We talk about what we’re kind of missing out on. However, it’s nice to have our own little mini support group at work.”

About Her Job as a Nurse: “Even as much as things change, things stay the same still. We’re happy and celebrating babies being born. Even if it might be a little different, we’re empowering women to push their babies out and supporting them along the way and encouraging them.”

Positive Quote for Expecting Mamas: “I’m really impressed by… how resilient all new moms are as they go with the flow with what’s going on — being really open and receptive to all the new changes. And it helps them feel more comfortable when they see that we’re here, we’re pregnant, we’re working and we’re okay. That gives them a little extra hope.”

Memorable Moment: “A bunch of the girls completely surprised me with a shower on April 17. They had [the hospital wing] all decorated with balloons and gifts… My coworkers are my work family. It really made me feel acknowledged, recognized, and supported.

Even though things are not normal, we can still celebrate joyful things.”

2. “I’m able to have more empathy towards my patient and a deeper connection.”

Ariana Drescher, 27 of Holtsville, is expecting her first child on August 12. She’s been a nurse for five years—four as a labor and delivery nurse with Stony Brook.

About Her Pregnancy & Nursing: “You’re able to bond with [patients] a little bit more because they see that you’re going through the same thing as them. You have more to talk to them about than your average nurses who are not pregnant and going through the same thing. I’m able to have more empathy towards my patient and a deeper connection.”

Memorable Moment: “I noticed that we [all the nurses] were all pregnant around February. We all talk with each other because we’re all going through the same sort of thing. We talk about working and being pregnant; how weird it is that our husbands are not able to go to our appointments; and bonding with our patients. It’s nice when we’re all working together because we all support each other, and we help each other out.”

3. “We have each other to lean on.”

Danielle Mohr, 29 of Holtsville, is expecting her third child on August 30. Her other two children are Aria (three years old) and Brea (20 months old). Danielle has been a nurse at Stony Brook for five years, two of those years as a labor and delivery nurse.

About Her Pregnancy: “For most of the girls, this is their first baby, so not only do they have the fear of this pandemic, but the fear of being a new mom. I’m there to help them, give them a bunch of advice on silly things like what is the best breast pump, what is the best stroller. That’s just how we bond.”

About Her Job as a Nurse: “There’s definitely bonding with patients because it also gives them the sense of confidence. I’m there with them — especially the new moms — because they’re very worried, with everything going on and delivery in itself. It gives them a lot of confidence — especially when they hear that all of us are pregnant, delivering at the hospital that we work at.”

Positive Quote for Expecting Mamas: “I know that it’s hard not having your family there. I know how straining that is, but it’s also giving us a good time to bond with that new baby especially if you have other children. Previously, everybody’s coming to visit you in the hospital and you don’t really get that time back. Instead of thinking negatively, try to take that positivity that you get this special bonding time now with that baby.”

Bond of the five nurses: “I’ve gone through pregnancies with co-workers before but I’ve been pregnant and then months later, a coworker is pregnant. With this group, we’re all due, except for Elena who is due actually in about two weeks. The rest of us are due within two to three weeks of each other. It’s really nice to share – we’re going through the same thing, at the same time, especially with this pandemic and we have each other to lean on.

Kaitlyn Falcone, 26 of Hauppauge is expecting her first child on September 8. Kaitlyn has been a Stony Brook nurse for four years, with experience as a labor and delivery nurse for a little over a year.

About Her Pregnancy: “It’s been really great to have us all together to lean on and support one another during this time… We try to lighten the mood – what we’re going to register for, or what kind of nursery decorations we’re doing.”

About Her Job as a Nurse: “I really love prenatal care – being able to bring new life into the world and help moms deliver their babies. I’m big on family first. It’s a very special moment for somebody in their family. It’s very honorable to be able to be there with them during that time to welcome a new baby.”

5. “We’re lucky that we are on this unit.”

COVID-19 pregnancies quotes
Erika Massa, 34 of Port Jefferson, is expecting her second child on August 27. Her first child, Philip Lucia, is six. Erika has been a nurse for six years, five years as a labor and delivery nurse, and has spent two years with Stony Brook.

About Her Pregnancy: “The staff is… always concerned about where I’m at; ask[ing] me how I’m doing and if I need anything. We’re lucky that we are on this unit.”

About Her Job as a Nurse: “Everyone really enjoys what they do. And it’s a privilege to be there for these women. Especially now.”

Positive Quote for Expecting Mamas: “It’s easy to get overwhelmed in pregnancy. Just take one day at a time. It’s okay to have good days and bad days. Take it in stride. Make sure you have someone to talk to or reach out to your health care provider. Mental health is very important in pregnancy.”

Have you heard about other COVID-19 pregnancies? Have you or someone you love experienced this and want to share with us? send us a message and we’ll feature your story, too!

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