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4 Toys To Help Your Toddler Develop Fine Motor Skills

happy toddler developing fine motor skills

As parents, we appreciate it when toys serve a purpose, especially for our younger kiddos. While it’s great to have ample time to play (because for littles their work is play!), it’s even better when our toys help in other ways. Here’s a solution: toys that help your toddler develop fine motor skills AND stimulate creativity and imagination.

1. Building Blocks

Most kids love playing with building blocks, whether they’re wooden or plastic. Children can build animals, cities, tall towers, landscapes, and so much more with a set of building blocks. They also have to pick up these blocks with their fingers to interlock or put the blocks together. And that’s where your toddler continues developing their fine motor skills!

There will be no shortage of fun in your home if you have a good set of building blocks. They’ll also work on their attention span by getting lost in the construction and visual-spatial awareness as they build, stack, and manipulate.

2. Play-Doh and Tools

It’s hard to find a toddler that doesn’t love molding, shaping, and pressing Play-Doh. It’s been a classic toy in homes for decades! All the bending and rolling of Play-Doh has a purpose for your toddler. You guessed it; they’re developing fine motor skills with each pie, snake, or heart they create.

The Play-Doh tools also help. Fine motor skills become stronger when your child grabs a pair of scissors to cut the dough, a knife to slice, or cutters to press out a shape.

3. Electric Ride-On Cars

These toys may seem indulgent, but electric ride-on vehicles provide plenty of benefits. Your toddler will have to grab onto the steering wheel, open and close the door, and press buttons, among other acts.

These toys are excellent for helping your toddler develop fine motor skills, and electric ride-on cars promote and teach responsibility, too! You can also watch their imagination soar while they “run errands” or take a “cross-country road trip” in the backyard.

4. Coloring and Painting

More tried-and-true toy staples include coloring books, crayons, markers, and finger paints. These tools will also aid your child when it comes time to learn to write. Your child’s finger muscles will develop with each pass of the paintbrush or crayon. Purchase some fun coloring books and paint by numbers to get your child excited about coloring and drawing.

Toddler Tip: Start with jumbo crayons and purchase regular artistic tools as your child develops.

Quick Notes: Any of the above toys will help a child of any age develop their fine motor skills, not only toddlers!