13 Mother’s Day Gifts (She Actually Wants)

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Ah yes, it’s May again. Time to start frantically combing through Amazon pages and magazines for the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for the mama figure in your life. Or, if you’re a mom yourself, you might just be trying to find the nicest way to tell your family that all you really want is an afternoon of peace and quiet. 😂

Seriously, though, when it comes to buying presents for mom, there are the sweet gifts, the thank-you-for-trying gifts, and if you’re lucky, the gifts she actually wants.

But how do you figure this out?

Well, good news gift-givers! Here is everything you need to know to prepare you for that special day. And moms? This is a list you can forward through email to your significant other, or share via Facebook with your teens to drop some not-so-subtle-hints. 😂 😂

From tools that will make a mom’s life infinitely easier to items that will probably make her cry, here the best Mother’s Day gifts—that she’ll actually be excited about.

1. An adorable and personal ‘what I love about you’ book

Everyone loves a personal touch, and with this book, you can personalize it as much as you like. Go through and fill out each of the pages with what you love about your mom, your favorite memories, and why she means so much. This is a guaranteed tear-jerker!

Buy the book right here.

2. In-home deep cleaning services

Chances are, your mama is the one who keeps the house in order. Even if everyone else does their share, she’s still the boss when it comes to delegating chores and making sure your home is guest-ready. This Mother’s Day, gift her with something that gives her a break—at her standards.

This is an all-inclusive cleaning package, found in your local area and delivered through Amazon like a fancy Prime package (sort of). Seriously, though, this is a cleaning service that will make sure your house is spotless and allow her a moment to simply rest and be.

Get the cleaning services right here.

3. A temperature controlled mug

Moms are always running from one thing to another. Whether she makes coffee and forgets it on the pot or in the microwave (guilty!) or gets completely distracted and leaves it behind forcing her to grab a cup on the go, this temperature-controlled mug is a thoughtful gift to keep her beverage at the ideal temp—no matter the distractions.

Get the mug right here.

4. Baby photo and poem keepsake

Whether you’re gifting on behalf of an infant or wanting to create something memorable from when you or your loved ones/children were young, this is a thoughtful and emotional poem photo stand that commemorates the moment she became a mother.

With a poem on one side and a photograph on the other, you can make this little gift thoughtful and personal. This is easily one of the best Mother’s Day gifts just based on how precious it is to be reminded of these special newborn moments!

Get the frame right here.

5. Handwritten recipe plate

Is there a recipe that’s been passed down for generations? Something that’s special to your mom, or maybe something of hers that’s special to you? This customized, handwritten recipe plate will keep a tradition alive while preserving the beauty of the natural handwriting.

With this recipe plate, there’s no fear of damaging the recipe or ripping the paper. The instructions are preserved on the plate face and this helps her (or the family) legacy live on.

Order your plate right here.

6. Customized address labels

This is such a simple and often overlooked gift. Every mom sends mail of some sort. Whether invitations or Christmas cards, having a personalized set or stamp with the family address makes sending mail that much easier and sweeter. For someone who cares about presentation, this is a thoughtful way to say, ‘I care too.’

Purchase customized labels right here.

7. Succulent collection

Whether mom has a green thumb or not, succulents are no-brainer plants because they require far less work without compromising on beauty.

These plants are bought in bulk (pack of 20) so they’re less expensive than their specialty, in-store counterparts. They are also beautiful and can really brighten a room or outdoor area easily.

Order succulents right here.

8. Adorable indoor garden

Mother’s Day gifts relating to gardening are always thoughtful, but if your mom struggles with planting or lives in a place where temperatures are finicky, this indoor garden makes for a consistent, stable environment to grow some flourishing flowers and plants.

What’s neat about this indoor garden, too, is that it comes with a built-in light to give the appropriate amount of ‘sun’ to your plants—which requires even less work on your end to keep them alive!

Get your own indoor garden right here.

9. Essential oil diffuser

From fighting germs in the air to making a home smell amazing, essential oil diffusers are nifty little gifts for any occasion. They’re also great for moms who are health conscious or care about purifying a space. With diffusers, you also have the ability to customize the size, color, and flavor of scent.

Purchase the diffuser right here.

10. Chalkboard vase

Flowers are always a beautiful go-to for gifts, but what about doing something non-traditional this year? Rather than opting for a regular vase, get a vase you or your mom can customize.

As the gift giver, you can decorate it or draw/write something meaningful. Or you can let your mom completely make it her own (an even better idea if she’s artsy!).

Get your chalkboard vase right here.

11. A customized family portrait sketch

Personal is always the way to go when it comes to your mom. Something she’ll value more than material things is a thoughtful gift with a personal touch. That’s exactly what this custom family portrait is. Sketched with intention and care, these portraits make perfect wall hangings to commemorate your family or relationship as it grows.

Order your custom portrait right here.

12. A long-distance love map pillow

Great for long distance families, this pillow gives you the option to customize the heart locations. You can put a heart where every family member is anywhere in the world and share this with your mom as a testament to not only how far her love travels, but how much she means to you—regardless of distance.

Purchase your ‘love map’ pillow right here.

13. ‘Love You Forever’ sentimental and sweet book

Chances are, you’ve at least heard of this book if it wasn’t a part of your collection growing up. A classic and heartfelt story, “I Love You Forever” tells about the resilience of a mother’s love through the years.

As the boy in the story grows, you learn the difficult challenges and changes of motherhood and how, in the end, a mother’s unconditional love is one of the most valuable things.

Get the book right here.

Finding the best Mother’s Day gifts doesn’t have to be hard

A lot of good gift-giving comes from pre-planning, thinking through what would be best for that special person in your life, and putting in the effort to make it happen. Sure, everyone loves the little things and the ‘stereotypical ‘mom gifts’ but if you’re looking for something she actually wants, then hopefully these gifts have inspired you in your search!

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