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3 Fun Things To Do During A Heat Wave

baby staying cool during a heat wave

We all know that when summer finally comes around, we expect to spend hours outside basking in the sun. However, with summer also comes an inevitable heat wave (or quite a few!), which result in sweltering temperatures that make it dangerous for us to be outdoors.

So, we have to stay inside. . . but that doesn’t mean all the fun of summer goes out the window. Here are some fun activities you can do to pass the time during a heat wave.

1. Build a Fort

You can never have a bad time when under a blanket fort you built with your own two hands! The best part about a fort is that it has no age limit. It’s something you can do with the kids or with your partner. If you take your fort-building to the next level, consider using pool noodles, as they provide structure. You will be surprised by a fort’s ability to evoke your child-like excitement and make the hours fly by.

2. Make Slushies

What better way to pass the time during a heat wave than with a fun activity like making slushies? The sky is the limit here as you can experiment with silly flavors and even add in yummy bites, like gummy sharks or crunchy candy. The kids will love this activity because it caters to their creative side while also giving them a sweet treat that cools them down.

3. Build An Obstacle Course

The summer is the perfect time for us to get outside and keep ourselves active with sports, festivals, and community gatherings. When we get the notification that we must stay indoors for hours on end, we can get anxious as our bodies naturally itch for movement. However, you can stay motivated and active indoors with a fun obstacle course.

If the kids are joining in, add fun vouchers for them to find and “cash out” once they finish the course. Awesome go-to vouchers include picking a movie for cinema night (hosted in your blanket fort, of course), a free sundae, and a make-your-own ice cream cone.

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