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4 Best Ways To Spend Time Away From Work

happy mom learning to spend time away from work

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or have a career (or both!), sometimes you need to spend time away from work to decompress and recharge your internal battery. It’s no secret that you’re more likely to experience burnout when you don’t take any time for yourself.

However, having time off is tough if you don’t know what to do! Here are some of the best ways to take a step back, recenter, recharge, and reboot.

Read a Good Book

Although you may feel like you need to do something incredible with a day off of work or away from the kids, sometimes relaxing is the best thing you can do for yourself. For instance, curling up on the couch or soaking up some sun in your backyard with a book in your hand is an excellent way to relax. Most people get caught up in the idea that they need to be productive every single day, but reading a good book can help you recharge while also stimulating your mind.

Pro-Tip: Don’t forget to grab some water and your favorite snack before getting comfortable.

Take a Day Trip

You don’t have to travel to faraway places to enjoy your time off. In fact, you can enjoy a staycation by taking a day trip to a nearby town or city. Even if you don’t think you live in an exciting area, you may find some hidden gems when you go looking for something to do. Take these tips for building staycation outfits and use the day away from work or home to make yourself look (and feel!) fabulous.

Connect With Nature

You may find yourself caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, which can take a toll on you. With that in mind, you can spend some time outside to connect with nature. Whether you take a hike or sit on the beach, you can benefit from being outdoors. Consider turning your phone and other devices off to truly disconnect from work and home.

Catch Up With a Friend

Unfortunately, working full-time and being a parent takes up most of your time, and your friendships may suffer as a result. When you have a few days off, you should consider setting aside some time to catch up with a close friend or family member. Everyone can benefit from social interaction aside from co-workers and immediate family members; therefore, you should make it a point to maintain friendships.

Now that you know the best ways to spend your time away from work, you can enjoy your days off (without planning an elaborate vacation or feeling like you have to be productive). Taking some time to recharge and relax is sometimes the most productive thing you can do, and you shouldn’t feel any shame in prioritizing your self-care. After all, you can’t continuously pour from an empty cup.