How To Master Your Child’s Online Learning

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With the world of technology getting bigger and better, online learning has become infinitely popular for students (and in many cases, very necessary). Being able to learn from home doesn’t mean you work less. In fact, for many students, especially self-directed students, learning from home helps students work harder as there are fewer distractions.

With the shift in schooling options and opportunities, there are many resources for online learning that ensure students can work to the best of their ability. Learning from home requires a few lifestyle changes to ensure that you are in the best frame of mind for ultimate success. Here are some helpful ideas for students and parents alike:

Have a Prepared Workspace 

A prepared workspace is a set space or an office area that your child will always work in. This will help your child’s brain designate “work” from “play.” When you help your child set a specific area, he or she will recognize that time at that table means time for learning. Working from your bed or sofa encourages lousy posture, and your child’s body will often (and automatically) shift into relaxing mode instead of working hard. 

Stay Organized 

Having a desk space with items that are going to help your child stay organized will dramatically increase his or her work ethic. Opting for notebooks with dividers to ensure he/she can keep each subject separate can allow him/her to find your notes quickly. A corkboard or an empty wall space can be a great place to stick post-it notes and a calendar on, for quick reminders, deadlines, and important information at a glance. 

Stick to a Routine

Before your child starts online learning, build a routine that you both can stick to, similar to a typical working day. This way, all of your family members will be on the same page. This also helps to get your child on a routine and feel awake and alert at times he/she may previously have been sleeping in or relaxing. Don’t forget to schedule breaks and lunch, too, as many people forget about eating (despite the fact that food is the brain’s source of fuel!). Having a schedule your family sticks to also allows all parties to close the computer and minds, stopping everyone from feeling guilty at mealtimes or “off” times. 

Other Online Learning Tips

When your child is learning online, it can be tempting to skim over words. Remind your child that this isn’t a good strategy, especially when they are trying to comprehend and digest information through a screen. The best way to truly obtain information is to read it twice, then write down the critical notes, followed by taking a moment to digest and understand the process or knowledge. This allows your child’s brain to soak it in rather than just writing it down and forgetting it. Oftentimes, the online modules will include help sheets and guides. Encourage your child to print these off (or help him/her do this) so that he/she can highlight and focus on critical information, as well as label and write down notes.

With the onset of the virus, many states are mandating online learning for the beginning of the school year. Has this order affected you and your location and family? How are you feeling heading into the school year? What strategies have you found for online learning?

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