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6 Hottest Home Trends To Lust Over This Year

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Everyone longs for their ‘dream home,’ right? Maybe yours is that cottage by the beach, the ranch-style house in the country, or a high-rise loft in the middle of the city. Whatever you envision, it’s exciting to dream (even if it’s a little unrealistic). 

Whether you’re in the market for a renovation or are simply browsing (because it doesn’t hurt to look, right?) here are some of the hottest home trends this year:

1. Natural Light

Maximizing the amount of natural light that flows into your property can transform how your home feels. As well as enhancing the ambiance, increasing the amount of natural light in your property can increase its energy efficiency too. If you want to ensure your home is well-lit all year round, consider adding floor-to-ceiling windows in key living areas, tri-fold doors, and/or roof lanterns. 

2. Rooftop Patio

Rooftop patios are all the rage right now! If this renovation is in your budget, working with a custom home builder to design a rooftop patio can take your home to the next level – literally. Using your rooftop allows you to increase the amount of outdoor space you have available and can increase the value of your property, too. And let’s face it, the best view is from the rooftop, so why not make the most of it? With relaxed seating, exterior lighting, and a selection of plants, your patio will undoubtedly become your favorite part of your home. 

3. Bespoke Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home, whether you enjoy cooking or not! While you daydream about your future home, be sure to think about how you use your kitchen, rather than simply incorporating ‘standard’ features. If you’re a keen home cook, for example, you might benefit from having multiple ovens installed or you may want to incorporate a traditional stove in your new kitchen. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of convenience, hot water taps and floor-to-ceiling glass-door fridges might be must-have features.  

4. Outdoor Movie Theatre

At-home entertainment doesn’t have to be indoor entertainment (especially if you live somewhere warm!), so why not switch things around and create the ultimate outdoor movie theatre? A large screen in a purpose-built pergola or pagoda can be used to watch movies, listen to music, or play video games, which means everyone in your family will get great use out of it. If you want to up the ante, outfit your dream home with a pool for the ultimate entertainment area. 

5. Slides Instead of Stairs

Unless your home is on one level, stairs are going to be a staple feature. But one of the hottest home trends right now is updating the standard staircase. You can install statement stairs, floating stairs, and spiral staircases, so why not consider a slide too?! If you have a young family, kids will love taking the slide to get downstairs and it’s sure to be a big hit with grown-ups too! 

6. Hidden Rooms

Incorporating hidden rooms into your property adds an air of mystery and mystique, but it can also be a great way to get a little extra privacy! As you plan your dream home, consider a secluded meditation room or your own personal library. With endless options, you can create hidden rooms beneath staircases, in attic spaces, or even behind secret bookcases. 

Planning Your Dream Home

Whether you’re actively building your dream property or just getting ideas based on the hottest home trends, planning is essential. After all, who knows what the future holds! There’s an element to dreaming that is exciting, even if you don’t think you’ll actually move forward with any renovations. Or, if you’re actually serious and ready to make changes, working with an architect or interior designer can help you to get your ideas down on paper and formulate the first draft of your plan. Expert input will also help you to figure out what’s possible with the space you have available, so don’t hesitate to talk to builders and contractors. 

So, now that we’ve shared some of the hottest trends, what do you love? Share with us!

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