Homework Tips To Help You And the Kids

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Kids are more successful in school when you, as a parent, take an active interest in the work that they do. Being invested in their learning teaches your kids that the work they do is important, and it also helps them to feel more supported as well. As we all navigate distance learning and the shift into the new school year at home, here are some homework tips for you and the kids:

Get to Know the Teachers

Knowing your child’s teachers is important. It’s also helpful for you to attend after school events so that you can meet your kids’ teachers. When you do meet up with them, try and ask them about their homework policies, or how you can be involved. It’s also helpful to set up a homework-friendly area at home, too. Make sure your kids have a nice, well-lit place to do their homework. This may mean making sure that they have their materials, binders, pencils, etc. well within reach. 

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Create a Regular Study Time

Some kids will work best in the afternoon, following a play period. Others may want to wait until after dinner to do their homework. Either way, it’s helpful for you to make sure that you are giving your child the support that they need and that you are also guiding them through the day.

Make a Routine

Try to make a plan for your kids. If you are having a homework-heavy heavy or if you have a huge assignment that you need to tackle, then try to figure out a way to break up the work that they have to do into chunks that are more manageable. One of the best homework tips is to help your child form a schedule so that they can take a 15-minute break every half an hour.

Keep Any Distractions to a Minimum

Try to keep all distractions to a minimum. This ultimately means having no TV, loud music, or phone calls going on when your child is trying to study. Of course with online learning, technology has become more prevalent. If your child needs to use a computer, just be sure that you have rules in place or you are overseeing the homework time so that your child isn’t getting distracted. 

Set a Good Example

Do your kids ever see you trying to balance your budget, complete a project, or read a book? Kids are more likely to follow your example as a parent, so stick to your own advice and make sure that you are always doing everything you can to give them the support they need when they need it. Praise your child’s efforts and the work that they are putting in, and frame their achievements as well as your own. When you do things like this, you will find yourself more closely bonded.

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