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DIY Mama: Should You Install Waterproof Wall Panels?

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As a parent, you’re always looking for the latest and best trends to keep your family and home safe, healthy, and on the right track. With waterproof wall panels becoming all the rage lately, and many homeowners opting to have them installed in their bathroom over traditional ceramic tiles, it’s important that you’re in the know about why they’re so popular.

Why Waterproof Wall Panels

There are many advantages to waterproof wall panels; however, the main reason many people prefer them these days is because the issue of grout (a major buzz-kill for ceramic tiles) is nonexistent with waterproof tiling!

Sure, ceramic tiles are easily cleaned, but the grout requires scrubbing, and sometimes, no matter how hard you work, it just never looks *clean.* And let’s be honest, no parent wants their bathroom to look dirty and mucky. This is a turn-off for anyone who enters, and, well, it just looks bad.

With ceramic tiles, the issue of mold and mildew can become pressing too. Just ask your local plumber and he or she will tell you just how dangerous this is! Mold and mildew are potentially damaging to an individual’s health, and that’s why removing these potential hazards is so important. 

Waterproof wall panels provide an alternative option. This is because waterproof panels do not actually need grout to be installed. Instead, they possess an easy tongue and groove system, which essentially means the panels are merely slotted into one another. This a great advantage because cleaning is as simple as wiping the surface!

The Look & Feel

Waterproof panels also possess an attractive look and will be well-suited in the bathroom in any home; they are both modern and up-to-date. You also don’t need to stress about a complex and time-consuming installation process as they are really simple to install, and most products come with a full installation manual. For those of you who love DIY projects, not only are waterproof wall panels easy to maintain but they are also easily fitted. They are also easily adaptable and can be installed in any area of your bathroom.

As you consider home renovations (especially in the time of COVID-19 where we’re all stuck within the four walls of our home), waterproof wall panels are definitely worth considering. Not only are they are a great addition to your bathroom, but they will protect your paneling from mold and guck that ceramic tiles simply can’t avoid. With a breezy and quick installation process, it’s almost a no-brainer.

Have you heard of these panels before? Have you installed them in your home? Share your thoughts (and pictures!) with us!

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