How To Nurture Positive & Resilient Kids

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If you’re a parent, you know that raising kids goes beyond their basic health, day-to-day needs, and love. One of the most challenging (and yet rewarding) aspects of parenting is learning how to nurture positive and resilient kids.

In recent years, mental health has taken the forefront in many conversations—for adults and children alike—and as our society has shifted, so has awareness around raising children with mental strength and fortitude.  Whether you’re thinking about your own flesh and blood or someone else’s child, if you love that kid, you’ll do what you can to ensure he or she grows up happy, content, and aware of his/her feelings. 

Unfortunately, in the past, many parents have neglected the mental side because they feel as if life is one big exercise in character-building… but, thankfully, this archaic way of thinking is dying out. If you’re a parent or guardian who has the job of looking after a few youngsters, then here are some ways you can ensure your kids grow up mentally resilient, positive, and centered in themselves.

Promote Positive Reinforcement In The Household

If you live in a positive household with individuals who actively encourages each other, then you are all going to reap the benefits. The kids are going to benefit the most, however, because they’re still learning about life and they’re taking things in like a sponge. If you’re continually positive—despite adversity and challenges (albeit in a healthy and non-toxic way)—then your children are going to see life in a more positive way as well.

Set A Strong Example                                        

Children will often mirror what you do, specifically by watching how you behave and emulating your behaviors, choices, and words. If they see how you do something, then it reinforces their understanding of the ‘way of the world.’ As such, it’s important that you are setting the right example. Be positive with a strong work ethic. If you can encourage continuance despite the negative circumstances of the world, then the chances of your child(ren) becoming more mentally resilient is very high. 

Remind Them Of Your Support

If your children know that they will have guardians around during tougher times, it’ll make them feel more confident in terms of going out and living life – and trying new things. The problem with new things in life is that the uncertainty scares us. Parents that just send children on their way without much help aren’t really doing much for their kids’ collective confidence.

So, whether your child has an exam that he/she is worried about or even something as dramatic as a hernia surgery ahead of him/her, then you have to make it clear that you’ll do whatever you can in support. If your children know you are there, then they will feel more confident and at ease.

Teach Them That Failure Is Good

Failure is a part of life. As a parent, your responsibility is to help your children see mistakes and roadblocks as progress and something to be proud of — not ashamed. Teach your kids that no matter how many times they fall down or mess up, they should do things with a smile. Even if they come up short, they’ll be happier about what has happened and walk away with no regrets.

Note: It’s common for kids to tease one another when one of them makes a mistake or fails – don’t encourage this behavior.

Allow Them To Pursue Hobbies And Passions That They Really Enjoy

Empower your children to chase after their dreams. Many kids, unfortunately, feel somewhat imprisoned – even though they’re free – because they don’t really know what their role is in life. As a parent, let your children enjoy things that they choose and encourage them to pursue these things as much as they can, with you as their support system.

Do you have other ideas on how to raise more resilient kiddos? Share with us!

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