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5 Helpful Tips For Childproofing Your Home

childproofing your home

Having a safe home where kids can play, have fun, and grow up is one of the main goals of parenting. Providing a safe space, especially in certain areas of the house, will always be a priority. Not every room is safe to play in, but you won’t have to worry when you use these five helpful tips to childproofing your home.

Make Sharp Corners Safe

Style doesn’t always come with safety. Many pieces of furniture come with sharp corners that are dangerous if your child runs into or plays with them. You can childproof these objects by installing small cushions or rubber covers to make them safe. Some covers will blend in with the style and color of the furniture to make them less visible. Areas like dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens have a lot of corners, so make sure you cover them all.

Don’t Forget About Window Wells

It is very easy to forget about safety when kids are playing outside. Some homes with basements have a window well that provides an entryway to underground rooms. This hole could become dangerous if you don’t take measures to keep your window well safe. A window well is also one of the best ways to make your basement a safer place, as it provides an emergency exit.

Cover Electric Outlets

With new technologies and electricity as the most important thing to have at home, electric outlets are indispensable, which means that homes now have more of them. Outlets are often a source of curiosity for kids.

Covering these outlets with specialized devices (usually made out of plastic) will prevent a kid from putting their fingers in them. Some new plug cover technologies alert you when a kid is too close or touching the device while it covers an outlet.

Add Cabinet Locks

These new cabinet doors come with more security, like locks for exterior doors. Before, cabinets would lock with an actual metal lock, but sometimes, the key would go missing, and nobody would get access. A smart lock with a password combination allows the use of the products inside the cabinet without the risk of losing the key or kids knowing the combination.

Use a Door Monitor

One of the most modern ways to childproof your home is to have and use a door monitor sensor. If you want kids to stay in or out of certain rooms, this sensor will tell you when a door opens. It will send an alarm to your phone and will also emit sounds to let you be aware and possibly scare your kid away from that door.